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Pointless Questions

These answers have all received a low or pointless score on the television quiz show Pointless.

25 Questions

  1. This city hosted the 1962 FIFA World Cup? (S)
  2. An agricultural tool shaped like a pickaxe? (M)
  3. A capital city of a country that is in Europe? (L)
  4. Central London railway terminus in the southeastern corner of the City of London? (F)
  5. Inventor of the first ever hand-powered, wind-up radio? (TB)

  6. Precipitation that is reddish in colour especially because of suspended dust? (BR)
  7. US abolitionsit known as 'the Moses of her people' for her work freeing slaves through the underground railroad? (HT)
  8. Author whose novel 'Noughts and Crosses' was adapted into a 2020 TV Programme? (MB)
  9. Ranulph Fiennes film featuring escapades of a legendary concierge and a lobby boy? (TGBH)
  10. Satellite which beamed the first live transatlantic television feed? (T)
  11. MP for Chorley who was elected speaker of the House of Commons in 2019? (LH)
  12. One of Greta Thunberg's middle names which is shared with a cartoon character? (T)
  13. Unit for measuring the width of printed matter, equal to the height of the type size being used? (E)
  14. 2006 Nicholas Hytner film based on a play by Alan Bennett? (THB)
  15. Long jumper who became the first British woman to win an Olympic gold in track and field? (MR)
  16. Devon market town known for its lace-making? (H)
  17. Italian Renaissance artist of the 1562-63 painting 'The Wedding Feast at Cana'? (V)
  18. Hertfordshire venue where Oasis played two sold-out shows in 1996? (K)
  19. Nickname, such as 'Auntie' for the BBC or 'The Big Apple' for New York City? (S)
  20. Name by which Mickey Mouse is known in Italy? (T)
  21. Opera singer nicknamed the 'Swedish Nightingale'? (JL)
  22. Name of the purple dinosaur on 'Multi-Coloured Swap Shop'? (PP)
  23. 2014 film in which a washed-up actor who once played a superhero, now takes to the stage? (B)
  24. Switched on Blackpool's famous illuminations in 1977? (RR)
  25. The man who was UK Prime Minister for less than 5 months in 1827? (GC)


  1. Santiago
  2. Mattock
  3. Luxembourg or Ljubljana
  4. Fenchurch
  5. Trevor Baylis
  6. Blood rain
  7. Harriet Tubman
  8. Malorie Blackman
  9. The Grand Budapest Hotel
  10. Telstar
  11. Lindsay Hoyle
  12. Tintin
  13. Em
  14. The History Boys
  15. Mary Rand
  16. Honiton
  17. Veronese
  18. Knebworth
  19. Sobriquet
  20. Topolino
  21. Jenny Lind
  22. Posh Paws
  23. Birdman
  24. Red Rum
  25. George Canning