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Political Cringe Moments


  1. Protester Steve Bray used which song to drown out Rishi Sunak’s Downing Street election announcement?
  2. Labour Party leader Ed Miliband was photographed awkwardly eating what sort of food item in 2014?
  3. What nickname was given to Theresa May's infamous dance moves?
  4. Which Labour Party leader fell into the sea while walking along Brighton seafront?
  5. Leading to widespread ridicule, US Vice President Dan Quayle altered a student's correct spelling of which word?
  6. Which politician famously punched a protester who threw an egg at him?
  7. As a demonstration of foreign policy experience, who famously declared "I can see Russia from my house!"?
  8. Joe Biden pulled out of his 1987 White House bid after plagiarising a speech by which British politician?
  9. Which UK politician was filmed sitting on the floor of a packed train to highlight overcrowding which was later revealed to have had plenty of empty seats?
  10. In a 2006 speech David Cameron suggested we should hug a what?
  11. Who did Jeremy Corbyn accidentally hit in the breast while celebrating with a high five during the 2017 General Election?
  12. Boris Johnson referred to people in which country as engaging in "orgies of cannibalism and chief-killing"?
  13. Gordon Brown was overheard on a microphone labelling pensioner Gillian Duffy with which two words?
  14. During a speech to the Confederation of British Industry in 2021, Boris Johnson claimed which cartoon character was a symbol of Global Britain?
  15. Which Prime Minister believed he had secured "peace for our time", but failed to prevent World War II?
  16. In which year did we see Boris Johnson stuck on a zip wire waving Union Jacks?
  17. Which politician was once heavily criticised for wearing a "donkey jacket" on Remembrance Day?
  18. During the 2017 General Election Campaign Theresa May was mocked for repeatedly using which three word phrase?
  19. Who apologised for tuition fees in a video that was turned into a viral song?
  20. George Osborne's proposed VAT increase on hot takeaway food was labelled the what 'tax'?
  21. Which US President said: "They misunderestimated me"?
  22. Which Labour MP made repeated errors over policing figures during a radio interview in 2017?
  23. Theresa May once admitted that the naughtiest thing she had done was to run through fields of what?
  24. George Galloway infamously pretended to be what sort of animal on Celebrity Big Brother in 2006?
  25. Which UK politician was criticized for reclining across the benches in the House of Commons during a crucial debate?
  26. Who was involved in a plane crash on Election Day, 2010?
  27. Boris once compared women wearing burqas to what inanimate objects?
  28. What vegetable did John Major eat in silence according to the satire show "Spitting Image"?
  29. What three illegal items bought by Boris Johnson when mayor were sold for scrap in 2018?
  30. Which president's off-the-cuff "we begin bombing in five minutes" remark caused an international uproar?


  1. Things Can Only Get Better
  2. A Bacon Sandwich
  3. Maybot
  4. Neil Kinnock
  5. Potato
  6. John Prescott
  7. Sarah Palin
  8. Neil Kinnock
  9. Jeremy Corbyn
  10. Hug a Hoodie
  11. Emily Thornberry
  12. Papua New Guinea
  13. Bigoted woman
  14. Peppa Pig
  15. Neville Chamberlain
  16. 2012 (London Olympics)
  17. Michael Foot
  18. Strong and stable
  19. Nick Clegg
  20. Pasty Tax
  21. George W. Bush
  22. Diane Abbott
  23. Wheat
  24. Cat
  25. Jacob Rees-Mogg
  26. Nigel Farage
  27. Letterboxes
  28. Peas
  29. Water Cannon
  30. Ronald Reagan