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Scandals Questions

  1. Which major American political scandal involved the administration of President Richard Nixon?
  2. Which former London Mayor candidate was told by Mr Justice Potts before sentencing: "These charges represent as serious an offence of perjury as I have had experience of and have been able to find in the books"?
  3. Which former leader of the Liberal Party was tried at the Old Bailey in 1979 on charges of conspiracy and incitement to murder?
  4. What well-known term was given to the UK political scandal in 2006 and 2007 concerning the connection between political donations and the award of life peerages?
  5. Who did Secretary of State for War John Profumo have an affair with?
  6. Name the Labour politician who tried to fake his own death in 1974?
  7. Who had an affair with secretary Sara Keays in 1983?
  8. Michael Heseltine resigned in a disagreement with Margaret Thatcher over which British aircraft manufacturer?
  9. In 2002, who revealed that she had had an affair, beginning in 1984?
  10. With no diplomatic experience, who was appointment UK Ambassador to the United States in 1976 by his father in law James Callaghan?
  11. Which British political scandal was named after the ship that brought the first West Indian migrants to the UK in 1948?
  12. On 20 November 2014, which Labour MP received criticism after tweeting a photograph of a house adorned with flags of St. George and the owner's white van parked outside?
  13. Which former politician was convicted of perjury in 1999 and received an 18-month prison sentence?
  14. In 2010 a microphone picked up Gordon Brown calling Labour supporter Gillian Duffy what sort of woman?
  15. Where in London did Welsh politician Ron Davies have a "moment of madness" in 1998?
  16. Who resigned after an affair with Antonia de Sancha in 1992?
  17. Who said in 1990: "It’s rather like sending our opening batsmen to the crease only for them to find that before the first ball is bowled, their bats have been broken by the team captain"?
  18. What in 1720 has also been called the world’s first financial crash and the world’s first Ponzi scheme?
  19. Which Labour MP was convicted of harassment in 2021 and given a suspended prison sentence?
  20. On 6 May 1882, Lord Frederick Cavendish and Thomas Henry Burke were fatally stabbed in which Dublin park?
  21. Which former French President was sentenced to a year in prison for illegally funding his 2012 re-election campaign?
  22. Beergate is a political controversy around allegations over a gathering in a Labour Party office in which city?
  23. Who resigned as a junior Health minister in 1988 after claiming that millions of British eggs were infected with salmonella?
  24. What name was given to the 1969 incident and American political scandal involving a car crash caused by Senator "Ted" Kennedy's negligence?
  25. Which British political consulting firm came to prominence through a Facebook data scandal and closed operations in 2018?


  1. The Watergate scandal
  2. Jeffrey Archer
  3. Jeremy Thorpe
  4. Cash-for-Honours
  5. Christine Keeler
  6. John Stonehouse
  7. Cecil Parkinson
  8. Westland
  9. Edwina Currie (it was with John Major)
  10. Peter Jay's
  11. Windrush
  12. Emily Thornberry
  13. Jonathan Aitken
  14. Bigoted woman
  15. Clapham Common
  16. David Mellor
  17. Geoffrey Howe
  18. South Sea Buble
  19. Claudia Webbe
  20. Pheonix Park
  21. Nicolas Sarkozy
  22. Durham
  23. Edwina Currie
  24. Chappaquiddick incident
  25. Cambridge Analytica