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Quiz: world and city populations

  1. Can you name the third most populated country in the world?
  2. Canada has roughly the same population as which European country?
  3. Which country is the most populated in Africa?
  4. It is estimated that the population of the world reached one billion for the first time in 1804. When did it reach two billion: (a) 1867, (b) 1897 or (c) 1927?

  5. True or false? The entire world’s population can stand side-by-side on the Isle of Wight?
  6. Can you name the world's most populous island?
  7. The UK has a population close to 67 million, can you name the Asian country with a similar population?
  8. In 2020, three countries had a population close to 83 million, can you name at least two of them?
  9. Is the population of Greece closer to 10, 20, or 30 million?
  10. Name the most populated city in the world?
  11. Which Asian country is the eighth-most populated country in the world with almost 2.2% of the world's population?
  12. Which country has roughly the same population as that of Brazil and Switzerland combined?
  13. The Democratic Republic of the Congo has a population of nearly 90 million, however two African countries have populations close to 100 million; can you name them?
  14. What is the population of Australia: (a) 26 million, (b) 36 million, or (c) 46 million?
  15. Which (official) city in the UK has the lowest population?
  16. Which city in France has the second largest population after Paris?
  17. What is the largest landlocked country in the world by population?
  18. Can you name the most populous city in South America?
  19. Four American states have a population of close to 20 million or over, can you name them?
  20. Ireland's population was 8.2 million in 1841; what did the 1841 UK Census count the population of England and Wales to be: (a) 15.9 million, (b) 25.9 million, or (c) 35.9 million?
  21. Which of the following countries has a population greater than 100 million: Philipines, Sri Lanka or Taiwan?
  22. Which country has the greater population out of Jamaica, New Zealand, Scotland or the Republic of Ireland?
  23. Which country has the bigger population: North Korea or South Korea?
  24. Are there more Cornishmen, Yorkshiremen or Welshmen?
  25. What is the least populated state in the USA?


  1. United States of America (330M)
  2. Poland (38M)
  3. Nigeria (206M)
  4. (c) 1927
  5. False (this has not been true since the 1920s)
  6. Java (population of Indonesia is 267M and 58% of Indonesians live on Java)
  7. Thailand
  8. Iran, Turkey, Germany
  9. 10 million (Greece's pop.)
  10. Tokyo
  11. Bangladesh (161M)
  12. Pakistan (221M)
  13. Egypt (100.4M) and Eithiopia (98.7M)
  14. (a) 26 million
  15. St Davids, Pembrokeshire (population under 2,000)
  16. Marseille
  17. Eithiopia (approx. 100M)
  18. Sao Paulo (12M, and the most populous city in the Southern Hemisphere)

  19. California (39.5M), Texas (29M), Florida (21.5M), and New York (19.5M)
  20. (a) 15.9 million
  21. Philipines (109M) - (both Sri Lanka and Taiwan have population close to 20 million)
  22. Scotland (5.5M)
  23. South Korea (52M) (North Korea has a population closer to 25M)
  24. Yorkshiremen (Yorkshire (total pop. 5.3M), Wales (3.1M) and Cornwall (0.5M))
  25. Wyoming