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Presidents Quiz Questions I

  1. Joe Biden represented which State in the United States Senate from 1973 to 2009?
  2. Which number President was Donald Trump? And what is Trump's middle name?

  3. How many American presidents have been assassinated? And can you name all of them?
  4. Which four presidents are carved onto the face of Mount Rushmore? And in which state is Mount Rushmore?
  5. As of July 2017, how many FORMER presidents are still alive? And who is the oldest?
  6. Which president advocated: 'speak softly, and carry a big stick'?
  7. The expression 'OK' is thought to derive from the nickname 'Old Kinderhook' after which president?
  8. Can you give the first names of these lesser known presidents: (a) President Fillmore (1850-53), (b) President Arthur (1881-85), (c) President Tyler (1841-45), and (d) President Coolidge (1923-29)?
  9. Hailed as the 'Father of the Constitution', name the fourth President of the United States?
  10. In which year was Abraham Lincoln assassinated?
  11. How many Presidents of the United States have been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize?
  12. Why did President Jimmy Carter send the Australians a message of apology in July 1979?
  13. What is the call sign of the helicopter that transports the President of the United States?
  14. Can you name the two daughters of George W. Bush and also the daughter of Jimmy Carter?
  15. Who named the presidential country retreat 'Camp David' after his grandson? And what was its previous name?
  16. In which states were the following presidents born: (a) Barack Obama, (b) Donald Trump, (c) Gerald R. Ford, (d) George Washington, (e) Jimmy Carter, and (f) Abraham Lincoln?


  1. Delaware
  2. Forty Five (45th). John.

  3. Four. Abraham Lincoln (16th President), James A. Garfield (20th), William McKinley (25th) and John F. Kennedy (35th)
  4. George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln. South Dakota.
  5. Five. George H. W. Bush (George H. W. Bush is older than Jimmy Carter, although both were both were born in 1924)
  6. Theodore Roosevelt
  7. Martin van Buren (1782 – 1862, he was nicknamed 'Old Kinderhook' from being raied in Kinderhook, New York)
  8. (a) Millard, (b) Chester, (c) John, and (d) Calvin
  9. James Madison
  10. 1865
  11. Four (Theodore Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson, Jimmy Carter (after leaving office), and Barack Obama)
  12. For fragments of Skylab falling near Perth
  13. Marine One
  14. Jenna and Barbara, Aimee Carter.
  15. Dwight D. Eisenhower. Shangri-La.
  16. (a) Hawaii, (b) New York, (c) Nebraska, (d) Virginia, (e) Georgia, and (f) Kentucky

Presidents Quiz Questions II

  1. Who was the first president to live in the White House? And name the Irish architect that designed the White House?
  2. Only two presidents were unmarried at the time of their innauguration, can you name both?
  3. Name the only president to be elected to two nonconsecutive terms, serving as 22nd and 24th presidents?
  4. The first presidents were born British subjects, which president was the first to be born a United States citizen?
  5. Which president was first to visit all 50 states and also the first to visit China?
  6. Which president was born Leslie Lynch King, Jr. before changing his name after adoption?
  7. Who was the youngest president?
  8. Name the largest president in American history - he weighed 325 pounds and often got stuck in the White House bathtub?
  9. There are four U.S. state capitals named after presidents, can you name them?
  10. Name the first politician to be both president and vice president without ever being elected by the people?
  11. Two national capitals are named after U.S. Presidents, obviously Washington, D.C. is one, can you name the other?
  12. Can you name the presidents that were married to the following first ladies: (a) Lady Bird, (b) Evita of Santa Barbara, (c) The Steel Magnolia, and (d) Lemonade Lucy?
  13. Who was president for only 31 days when he died on April 4, 1841, after catching pneumonia?
  14. What was the former official name of Denali?
  15. Which presidents had the following nicknames: (a) Old Hickory, (b) Old Rough and Ready, (c) The Great Communicator, and (d) The Trickster?


  1. John Adams (George Washington is the only president not to live there). The architect was James Hoban.
  2. James Buchanan and Grover Cleveland (Cleveland married whilst in office)

  3. Grover Cleveland (Stephen Grover Cleveland)
  4. Martin Van Buren
  5. Richard Milhous Nixon
  6. Gerald Rudolph Ford
  7. Teddy Roosevelt (who became president when McKinley was assassinated, JFK was the youngest president 'to be elected' at the age of 43)
  8. William Howard Taft (1857-1930)
  9. Jackson (Mississippi), Lincoln (Nebraska), Jefferson City (Missouri), Madison (Wisconsin)
  10. Gerald Ford (made vice president after resignation of Spiro Agnew and president after Nixon resigned)
  11. Monrovia (Liberia)
  12. (a) Lyndon B Johnson (Claudia Johnson) , (b) Ronald Reagan (Nancy Reagan), (c) Jimmy Carter (Rosalynn Carter), and (d) Rutherford Hayes (Lucy Webb Hayes)
  13. William Henry Harrison (holds the record for shortest presidential term)
  14. Mount McKinley (the highest peak in North America was named after President William McKinley until recently reverting back to its original name)
  15. (a) Andrew Jackson, (b) Zachary Taylor, (c) Ronald Reagan, and (d) Richard Nixon