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Pride Quiz

Quiz Questions: Celebrate Pride

  1. Which British TV series set in Manchester gets its title from a traditional Northern English saying?
  2. Who was the first openly gay elected official in California?
  3. Name the American artist and designer best known as the creator of the rainbow flag?
  4. In which year did the first same sex marriages in England and Wales take place?
  5. Brighton Pride is usually held in which month?
  6. The Stonewall Inn is in which Lower Manhattan neighbourhood?
  7. The first female same-sex kiss to be broadcast before the 9pm watershed appeared on which British TV soap in 1994?
  8. Name the 2014 film that chronicled the life of mathematician Alan Turing?
  9. Who directed the romantic drama film Brokeback Mountain?
  10. Which novel by James Baldwin, published in 1956, explores complex themes of gay and bisexual identity?
  11. Which American president officially declared June as Pride Month for the first time?
  12. Name the founder of Stonewall and Member of the House of Lords who played the role of Colin Russell in Eastenders?
  13. In which decade did the American Psychiatric Association declassify homosexuality as a mental disorder?
  14. Which British synth-pop band released their debut album The Age of Consent in 1984?
  15. Which city's pride celebration is widely considered to be the biggest celebration of its kind in the world?
  16. Which country was the first for same-sex marriage to become lawful?
  17. Who in 2007 became the first openly gay host of the Academy Awards?
  18. The bisexual flag is a pride flag with three colours. What colour is the middle stripe?
  19. Which UK drama TV miniseries written by Russell T. Davies is set in London between 1981 and 1991?
  20. Which film won the Queer Palm award at the 2014 Cannes Film Festival?
  21. Which country elected the first openly gay head of government in 2009?
  22. Who played the gay character Jodie Dallas in the US sitcom Soap?
  23. Which Yorkshire market town has been branded "the lesbian capital of the UK"?
  24. Prick Up Your Ears is a 1987 British film about which playwright?
  25. Which Lady Gaga song has become an anthem for self-acceptance among young people?


  1. Queer as Folk (the saying is: "there's nowt so queer as folk")
  2. Harvey Milk
  3. Gilbert Baker
  4. 2014
  5. August
  6. Greenwich Village
  7. Brookside
  8. The Imitation Game
  9. Ang Lee
  10. Giovanni's Room
  11. President Bill Clinton (1999)
  12. Michael Cashman
  13. 1970s (1973)
  14. Bronski Beat
  15. Sao Paulo (Brazil)
  16. Netherlands
  17. Ellen DeGeneres
  18. Purple (a purple stripe which represents the "overlap" of the blue and pink stripes)
  19. It's a Sin
  20. Pride
  21. Iceland
  22. Billy Crystal
  23. Hebden Bridge
  24. Joe Orton
  25. Born This Way