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  1. Name the only British Prime Minister from a non-English-speaking background?
  2. Tony Blair was born in which city in 1953? And in which city was Boris Johnson born?
  3. Can you name the first-ever Labour Prime Minister?
  4. Modern historians generally consider which politician to be the first British Prime Minister?

  5. Which American city was named after a British Prime Minister?
  6. Which Prime Minister who served four terms and was also Britain’s oldest PM, was known as the ‘Grand Old Man’?
  7. From Sir Winston Churchill to Premier Boris Johnson, how many Prime Ministers have served during the reign of Queen Elizabeth II?
  8. Which Prime Minister lost the sight of one eye in a school rugby accident?
  9. Theresa May attended the University of Oxford and got a degree in which subject?
  10. The youngest Prime Minister to be ever appointed was William Pit the Younger in 1783, how old was he: 24 years old, 29 years old, or 34 years old?


  1. David Lloyd George (Welsh speaking parents)
  2. Edinburgh. Boris Johnson was born in New York.
  3. Ramsay MacDonald (in 1924 and again from 1929 to 1931)
  4. Sir Robert Walpole
  5. Pittsburgh (named in 1758 in honor of William Pitt)
  6. William Gladstone
  7. 14 Prime Ministers
  8. Gordon Brown

  9. Geography
  10. 24 (24 years, 6 months and 21 days)

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