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Prime Numbers Quiz

Quiz: Every answer is a prime number

  1. Which prime number is also the title of Adele's 2008 debut album?
  2. Give the number of the Apollo mission to first land man on the Moon?
  3. To the closest whole number, what is the normal human body temperature in degrees Celsius?
  4. What is Sheldon Cooper's favorite number in The Big Bang Theory and also 1001001 in binary?

  5. George H. W. Bush was this number President of the United States?
  6. Which prime number is also the track from which the Chattanooga Choo Choo train departs in the Glenn Miller lyrics?
  7. The year Queen Victoria died and also the 291st prime number?
  8. On its completion in 2004, Taipei's tallest building had this many storeys above ground?
  9. This prime number is the number of spots found on the most common ladybirds?
  10. Each national team competing in the FIFA Women's World Cup is allowed this many players in the squad?
  11. The number of stripes on the American flag?
  12. What is the atomic number of helium?


  1. 19
  2. 11
  3. 37
  4. 73
  5. 41 (41 st)
  6. 29
  7. 1901
  8. 101 (Taipei 101)
  9. 7
  10. 23 (23-player squad)
  11. 13
  12. 2