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Printable Christmas Quiz

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Printable original Christmas quiz

Yes. All our Christmas questions were written by us. The best questions about Christmas, from tinsel to Home Alone. We've put thirty of them onto a PDF so that you can print them conveniently for your Christmas quizzes. Perfect for your festive family get together or zoom quizzes.

Download and print a ready-made Christmas quiz!

image of a printer There's two PDFs available for the same quiz. The first, the 30 questions include the answers and the second is a PDF with just the Christmas questions.

Download and print our Christmas quiz with answers: CHRISTMAS QUIZ WITH ANSWERS PDF

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Christmas Trivia Examples on the Sheet

How old was Kevin in the 1990 Christmas comedy film Home Alone?
Eating a Kentucky Fried Chicken meal is a Christmas tradition in which country?
Which Christmas carol is noted for the Latin line "Gloria Hosanna in excelsis!"?

Answers: Eight, Japan, and Ding Dong Merrily on High