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Printable Football Quiz

Football Questions and Answers - Download and Print

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Are you a football nut? We've choosen some great questions to test your all-round football knowledge. Download questions about the Premier League, World Cup, clubs and the history of players. There's thirty of them on a PDF so that you can print them quickly for your sport zoom quizzes or your own fun. Do you know which club in the football league is the only one with a name that contains all five vowels? We have questions on David Beckham, Brian Clough, Dele Alli and Scunthorpe United.

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image of a printer There's two PDFs available for this quiz. The first, 30 questions including the answers, the second is a PDF with just the questions.

Download and print our quiz with answers: FOOTBALL QUIZ WITH ANSWERS PDF

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Question Examples

Name the three clubs which have spent just one season in the Premier League?
West Ham have retired which number shirt in tribute to World Cup winner Bobby Moore?
Which manager bought Britain’s first one-million-pound footballer?

(Answers: Barnsley, Blackpool, and Swindon; number 6: and Brian Clough)