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Printable General Knowledge

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What are printable quizzes?

Ready-made quizzes to print onto an A4 sheet.

Printable original General Knowledge

All our quiz questions are origianl questions. Download our favourite questions, from geography to history, from sport to science. Thirty questions on a PDF. Test your knowledge and perhaps learn something new with our questions.

Download and print a ready-made trivia quiz!

image of a printer There's two PDFs available for the same quiz. The first, the 30 questions include the answers and the second is a PDF with just the trivia questions.

Download and print our quiz with answers: GENERAL KNOWLEDGE QUIZ WITH ANSWERS PDF

NOTE: Every quiz will fit on a sheet of A4 paper. Print straight from a PDF. Free PDF readers are available online if you don't already have one installed on your computer.

Question Examples on the Sheet

Which planet is the hottest in the Solar System?
How many blank tiles are there in the boardgame Scrabble?
Which actor of 11 Carry On films, was also nominated for an Academy Award for writing the lyrics to the song 'Georgy Girl'?
How many whacks did Lizzie Borden give her father?

Answers: Venus, Two, Jim Dale, and 41