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What is a picture quiz?

A picture quiz is a very popular handout pub quiz round in which you identify images. These images are often famous people but can include anything your imagination may come up with, from football badges to national flags. Picture quizzes are normally printed onto an A4 sheet of paper.

Printable original picture quizzes

Two quizzes to start with, but with more to come in the following months. Twenty images, with space to write your answers on the same sheet. The images used in our quizzes are all public domain images. Free to download and print out instantly - probably the best picture quizzes on the Internet.

Download and print a ready-made picture quiz!

image of a printer Twenty picture questions in PDf format which will print onto an A4 sheet.

Download our picture quiz sheet: PICTURES QUIZ II PDF
And the accompanying answers: PICTURES ANSWERS II PDF

Our second quiz, again featuring well known faces. Twenty questions on one sheet.
Download Picture Questions III: PICTURE QUIZ III PDF

Download Picture Quiz: PICTURE QUIZ

Above questions on one A4 page, with answers on a separate sheet. See our main quiz page if you do not have a PDF reader - you can get them for free.
IMPORTANT: Print out the question sheet using the LANDSCAPE mode page settings in your printer controls.
(The answers are in POTRAIT printing mode.)

Pictures Example

The downloads are instant but if you do not wish to download a file to your computer, this is an example of one of our image quizzes...