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Welcome to our Printable Seniors Quiz

What is the seniors quiz?

It's a quiz handout suitable for older people. There’s rounds on general knowledge and questions about the culture, events and people of the 50s and 60s. There's a mixture of questions to suit all abilities. It's been created for a more mature audience and would be great for a care home quiz or senior gathering. This handout consists of 60 questions in six rounds. Print our 'quiz for seniors' instantly from this page.

Printable and original quizzes

The quiz consists of 60 questions on three printable A4 sheets (or four sheets for the handout). There's two separate downloads. The first is a questions and answers sheet. Just print this out if you wish to ask the questions verbally to your audience, which is how most quizzes are run. However, the second download is a handout quiz. It’s simply a questions sheet with spaces to write the answers. Note: Both quizzes have identical questions.

Download and print a ready-made senior quiz!

image of a printer 60 questions in 6 rounds. PDf format. First download - the questions and answers. Second download - just the questions with a margin to write the answers. The same questions are on both sheets!

Download questions and answers sheet here: SENIORS QUIZ with ANSWERS
And, a handout quiz without answers: SENIORS QUIZ HANDOUT

This quiz is a free quiz. If there's any problems please let us know.

Above questions on A4 pages. Print as many handouts as needed, you should only need to print the answer sheet once. See our main printables quiz page if you do not have a PDF reader on your computer, laptop or phone - you can get them for free.

The Handout Sheet...

Some of the questions...
Which British fashion designer is credited with inventing the miniskirt?
Which country has been the world's largest coffee producer for over 150 years?
Elsie Tanner was a fictional Coronation Street character played by which actress?
On which island was Napoleon Bonaparte born in 1769?

This is an image of our handout. Fun and user friendly.