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Printable Science Quiz

Science Questions and Answers - Download and Print

What are printable quizzes?

They are ready-made science trivia quizzes in a PDF file which you can print straight from your printer in seconds.

Printable original science quiz

All our quiz questions are original and selected to be interesting and fun. We've included questions on physics, biology, chemistry and general science. Thirty that fit snugly onto an A4 sheet for you convenience. Perfect for a zoom quiz or your fun quizzes.

Download and print a ready-made science quiz!

image of a printer There's two PDFs available for the same quiz. The first, the 30 questions include the answers and the second is a PDF with just the questions.

Download and print our quiz with answers: SCIENCE QUIZ WITH ANSWERS PDF

NOTE: Every printable quiz is designed to fit on sheet of A4 paper, straight from a PDF. All computers come with free PDF reader installed, but they are availlable online for free. See our main printable quizzes page.

Science examples on the sheet

Which planet in the Solar System has the most moons?
Bronze is an alloy consisting primarily of copper and which other element?
Which soft sulphate mineral is the main constituent in many forms of plaster?
What did Wilhelm Rontgen discover in 1895?

(Answers: Saturn, Tin, Gypsum, and X-rays)