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Quiz I

  1. Which prison in California is infamous for having the largest death row for male inmates in the United States?
  2. Parkhurst prison is located in which English county?

  3. Charles Dickens was sent to work at a boot-blacking factory when his father was imprisoned in which debtors prison?
  4. Manchester's high-security men's prison is commonly referred to by what nickname?
  5. London's Old Bailey criminal court stands upon the site of which notorious demolished prison?
  6. Where were the Kray twins imprisoned for a few days in 1952 for failing to report for national service before being transferred to Shepton Mallet military prison?
  7. Alcatraz prison was located 1.25 miles off the coast of which American city?
  8. Name the early Victorian prison reformer who was often referred to as the "angel of prisons"?
  9. The penal colony commonly known as Devil's Island was located in the Salvation's Islands off the coast of which country?
  10. On which island in Table Bay was Nelson Mandela imprisoned for 18 years?
  11. In which prison was John Christie hanged for murdering his wife in 1953? (This prison has had amongst its famous inmates: George Best, Boy George and actor Keith Allen.)
  12. What name did American POW prisoners give Hoa Lo Prison during the Vietnam War?
  13. What sort of blocks was Her Majesty's Prison Maze in Northern Ireland colloquially known as?
  14. HM Prison Berwyn, opened in 2017 and the largest operational prison in the UK, is located in which Welsh town?
  15. Prince Rupert's Tower was a village lock-up located in which English city?
  16. What nickname has been given to the remote "Supermax" prison in Florence, Colorado?
  17. Which German prison was demolished in 1987 after the death of its last prisoner, Rudolf Hess?
  18. Name the enclosed bridge made of white limestone in Venice that connects the New Prison to the interrogation rooms in the Doge's Palace?
  19. Which word do English-language speakers use to refer to any forced labour camp in the Soviet Union?
  20. The Australian soap Prisoner: Cell Block H was set within which fictional detention centre?
  21. Which prison is the largest high-security prison in the UK and has been nicknamed the "Monster Mansion"?


  1. San Quentin
  2. Isle of Wight
  3. Marshalsea
  4. Strangeways
  5. Newgate prison
  6. Tower of London (they were amongst the last prisoners to be held there)
  7. San Francisco
  8. Elizabeth Fry
  9. French Guiana

  10. Robben Island (the name is Dutch for "seal island)
  11. Pentonville
  12. Hanoi Hilton
  13. H-Blocks
  14. Wrexham
  15. Liverpool (famous for being the centre-piece of the crest of Everton F.C)
  16. Alcatraz of the Rockies
  17. Spandau Prison (The British band Spandau Ballet took their name from it)
  18. The Bridge of Sighs (which passes over the Rio di Palazzo cannal)
  19. Gulag
  20. Wentworth
  21. Wakefield