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Pub Games

Quiz: traditional pub games

  1. What number is the black ball in pool?
  2. Besides Ash, can you name the other kind of wood most used in the manufacture of pool cues?
  3. How many wooden pins are there in a game of skittles?
  4. What number is to the left of the number 5 on a standard darts board?
  5. How many holes are there on a bar billiards table?

  6. The Indoor League was a 1970s television pub games competition series hosted by which English sportsman?
  7. Which traditional game involves the throwing of a metal, rope or rubber ring to land over or near a spike?
  8. In which game, if the "starter" or the "cut" is a jack, the dealer scores two points for "his heels" or "his nibs"?
  9. Which indoor game do Joey and Chandler play for one thousand dollars in an episode of Friends?
  10. In the game of bridge, what special name is given to a hand of cards with no card higher than a nine?
  11. Drinking a yard of beer is a traditional pub game in the UK. Which former Prime Minister set a world record for the fastest drinking of a yard of beer whilst at Oxford University?
  12. Quiz machines first appeared in UK pubs in which decade?
  13. Which game is started by smacking down the bone?
  14. WAF is the recognized global governing body of which sport?
  15. The player with which colour starts first in a game of draughts?
  16. What are the player-controlled paddles called in pinball?
  17. How do Yorkshire dart boards differ to standard boards?
  18. In poker, what name is given to a hand that contains three cards of one rank and two cards of another rank?
  19. A traditional English game played outside in which players throw sticks at a model of an old lady's head, is called 'Aunt' what?
  20. Complete the name of the traditional pub game, "shove... "?


  1. Number 8
  2. Maple
  3. Nine
  4. 12
  5. Nine holes
  6. Fred Trueman
  7. Quoits
  8. Cribbage
  9. Table football
  10. Yarborough
  11. Former Australian Prime Minister Bob Hawk
  12. 1980s (1985)
  13. Dominoes

  14. Arm wrestling
  15. White
  16. Flippers
  17. There are no trebles
  18. A full house
  19. Aunt Sally
  20. Shove ha'penny (or shove halfpenny)