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100 Fun Pub Quiz Team Names

Funny pub quiz team names for your Internet and pub quizzes. The best fun names.

Fun Team Names for Your Quiz Night

Couch Potatoes
Wild things
Born Losers
Poor Memories
Ignorance is Bliss
Clever Dicks

Mixed Bag of Nuts
Village Idiots
Don Quizotee
Beer Goggles
Don’t lick the windows
Monkey Puzzlers

The Silly Billies
As thick as thieves
Rubic dudes
Limited Edition
Perfectly imperfect
Under Construction
Too clever is dumb
Let your difference shine
Sunday Funday
Winners never quit!
The Dorks
Four Men and a Dog
Beer Monsters
Nobody is perfect
Only hope remains
Don’t quit
Risky Quizness
Tequila Mockingbird
My Drinking Team Has a Trivia Problem
Artificial Intelligence
Ready… Aim… Fire
Seize the Day
We're Smarticus
Respect your elders
We can't remember
Don’t overthink it
Consistency = Success
Agatha Quiztee
Just do it
Strive for greatness
Maybe you’re right
Get lost, creep!
Let’s get drunk
Average Joe's
The Teutonic Titans
Bedrock Boulders
Beer Drinkers
Allergic Reactions
Old Geezers
Memory Loss
Give us a Clue
Know it Ales
The Master Debaters
The Five Pillars of Quizlam
Deputy Dogs
The Quizlings
The Meatheads
Holy Walkamolies
Lady Cougars
The Usual Suspects
A few beers short of a six-pack
Mighty Ducks
Let’s Get Drunk
Eddie Quizzard
Idiot Test
Dopey and the Five (or six,etc.) Dwarfs
Beer View Mirrors
The Four Stooges
All foam no beer
Beer Heads
Mean Machine
Lowered Expectations
Not So Great Expectations
Let’s Get Quizzical
Sitting Ducks
World Domination
Chicks and Dicks
Fighting Hamsters
Train Wreck
The Five Amigos
The Dead Parrots
Beer Necessities
Trivia Pursuit
Blood, Sweat and Beers
Big Fact Hunt
Third Graders

Bucks Quiz
Don't knows
Quizzee Lizzees
Lamebrains to the Slaughter
The Best Revenge is Massive Success
Smart Idiots
Not That Drunk
Too Old for this Shit
Universally Challenged
The Floozies
The Spanish Inquizition
Wooden spooners
Quizzee Bees
Honey Monsters
The Collywobbles
Last Place
Raging Alcoholics
Les Quizerables
Quizteam Aguilera
Quiztopher Big Ones
Gettin Drunk
Alcohol Dependence
Charging Donkeys
Team Geriatrics
Team Ramrod
The French Triviera
Skillz That Killz
Savage Squad 300
Beauties and the Beasts
Thin Quizzy
The fossils
Four Play
Walla Walla Wombats
Over the Hill
Young Guns
Team Evil
Two (three, four, etc.) short planks
Road Kill
Monterrey Mulchers
Dumbbell set
Liver Let Die
The Ant Hill Mob
The Horde
The Firm
The Yetis
The Mullets
Smarty Pints
Quiz Quacks
Tequila Mockingbird
Only Here for the Beer
Taking Care of Quizness
Ball Busters
Beer Bums
Quiz Hurley
The Clever Clogs
Head Bangin Billy Goats
Beer Me
Clever Dicks
Quizly Bears
Death Before Dishonour
Beyonce Know-Alls
Quizzy Gillespie
Four Idiots
Empty Vessels
Expect the Unexpected
Dumb and Dumber
Can't Remember
Thought it was Karaoke Night
Bar Flies
Thick and Easy
Dead Men Walking
The Pilgarlics