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The Best Punctuation Test!

Test your knowledge of punctuation marks and related characters. This quiz is 20 questions long - we've added some additional symbols and characters to the test, to supplement the commas and colons. These characters include the infinity sign, ampersand and even the Bitcoin symbol. Print onto an A4 sheet. It's a hard quiz! Well done if you can name the manicule, pilcrow and interrobang.

Print a ready-made punctuation quiz...

image of a printer Twenty questions in a PDF. A ready-to-print A4 sheet (with spaces for the answers). This quiz includes symbols and characters in addition to punctuation marks.

Print our quiz sheet: PUNCTUATION QUIZ PDF

Punctuation marks and similar symbols...

Test your knowledge online? Twenty characters, symbols and punctuation marks. Answers below.

punctuation test

And the answers...

punctuation answers