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Quiz About the Colour Purple

Trivia Questions

  1. Which United States military medal is awarded by the President to those wounded or killed while serving?
  2. Which studio album was released by American musician Prince in June, 1984?
  3. Which British online estate agent was founded in 2012 by Michael Bruce and Kenny Bruce?
  4. Purple is traditionally associated with the emperor and aristocracy of which Asian country?
  5. Purple and dark green are the traditional colours of which annual sporting event?
  6. Which British company chose purple as it was Queen Victoria's favourite colour and trademarked the colour for their products in 1995 and 2004?

  7. Which three bands were referred to as the "unholy trinity of British hard rock and heavy metal in the early to mid-seventies"?
  8. 'Born to the purple' meaning someone who is born into a life of wealth and privilege was originally used to describe the rulers of which Empire that ended in 1453?
  9. Which pale purple colour is named after the mallow flower?
  10. Which song was written by Jimi Hendrix and released by the Jimi Hendrix Experience on March 17, 1967?
  11. Which Teletubby is not only purple but also the largest and oldest?
  12. Burning which chemical element with the symbol K gives a purple flame?
  13. Which purple coloured soft drink was created in 1908 in Manchester by John Nichols?
  14. Which semiprecious stone often used in jewellery is a purple variety of quartz?
  15. In the lyrics of which song by Mika is the word purple rhymed with "hurtful"?
  16. The 1985 film The Color Purple is based on a 1982 novel of the same name written by which author?
  17. What is the name of the purple dinosaur which is a popular kids cuddly toy?
  18. Especially at Christmas, where would you find 'The Purple One'?
  19. Closely associated with purple, which colour is the colour of light at the short wavelength end of the visible spectrum?
  20. Which fragrant, pale purple flower and flower buds are used in potpourris and inside sachets used to freshen linens?


  1. Purple Heart
  2. Purple Rain
  3. Purplebricks
  4. Japan
  5. Wimbledon
  6. Cadburys
  7. Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath
  8. Byzantine Empire
  9. Mauve
  10. Purple Haze
  11. Tinky Winky
  12. Potassium
  13. Vimto
  14. Amethyst
  15. Grace Kelly
  16. Alice Walker
  17. Barney
  18. In a tin of Quality Street
  19. Violet
  20. Lavender