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Qatar World Cup

Test Your Knowledge

  1. The tournaments's mascot's name is an Arabic word meaning "super-skilled player", what is it?
  2. Sepp Blatter said the tournament wouldn't take place in January or February because of a clash with what?
  3. Qatar will be the smallest country to host the World Cup, which previous hosts had the next smallest population?

  4. Four-time World Cup winners Italy will not be at the World Cup, after they lost to which country in a playoff semi-final in March?
  5. Qatar will kick off the tournament against which country on 20 November?
  6. Qatar gained independence from which country in 1971?
  7. What links Stephanie Frappart, Salima Mukansanga and Yoshimi Yamashita?
  8. Which stadium will host 10 matches, including the final?
  9. Name the state-owned Arabic-language media broadcaster of Qatar?
  10. Of the following countries, which one has never won a World Cup on home soil: Brazil, France, Germany, or Italy?
  11. Where would you find nine serrated edges?
  12. Qatar will host the competition with how many stadiums?
  13. True or false. All the stadiums will be fully air-conditioned?
  14. Which three teams are in Group A with Qatar?
  15. What is machboos?
  16. Qatari World Cup officials approached the organizers of which event in England for advice on planning huge desert campsites for thousands of fans?
  17. Due to its futuristic architecture, Qatar's capital Doha, is known as the mini version of which city?


  1. La’eeb
  2. 2022 Winter Olympics
  3. Uruguay (1.7 million in 1930)
  4. North Macedonia
  5. Ecuador
  6. United Kingdom
  7. First female referees to be appointed to a men's World Cup
  8. Lusail Iconic Stadium
  9. Al Jazeera
  10. Brazil
  11. On Qatar's flag
  12. Eight stadiums
  13. True
  14. Ecuador, Senegal, and Netherlands
  15. It's the national dish of Qatar
  16. The Glastonbury Festival
  17. Dubai

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