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Welcome to our 'Question Time' Quiz


  1. As of September 2019, which politician has appeared on Question Time more times than any other panelist?

  2. Which veteran news presenter was the first presenter, leaving the chair in June 1989 after nearly 10 years?
  3. Who chaired the show for four years, until 1993?
  4. Which Labour politician was on the first ever panel?
  5. When David Dimbleby missed chairing an episode for the first time in 15 years in 2009 (after an injury on his farm) who took over?
  6. As of September 2019, the highest audience figures were recorded when which contoversial politician made an appearance in an October 2009 episode?
  7. In June 2017, which British journalist presented a "Leaders Special" edition?
  8. A 2005 general election Question Time featured a head to head between the three main party leaders, Tony Blair was one, can you name the other two?
  9. In December 2018, the BBC announced that who would succeed David Dimbleby?
  10. In 2009, Question Time discussed the MPs' expenses row. Which Labour politician was booed by the audience for insisting that her expenses were her privilege?
  11. In May 2014, which footballer admitted reading a "Politics for Dummies" book before appearing on the panel?
  12. David Dimbleby got his first tattoo aged 75, what animal did he have tattooed on his shoulder?
  13. Who called Nigel Farage 'a poundshop Enoch Powell'?
  14. Name the female English broadcaster that guest presented 5 episodes in the eighties?
  15. Which English comedian and presenter was on the panel for David Dimbleby's final edition?
  16. True or False. Question Time was the BBC’s second most tweeted-about show in 2018?
  17. A rowdy audience member was told by David Dimbleby that "he ought to leave" when he would not stop interrupting which businesswoman in 2017?
  18. He regularly performs in French and occasionally in German but which panelist in May 2005 described himself as a "British-European?
  19. Which of the one following cities has never hosted a Question Time episode: New York, Sydney, Johannesburg, Shanghai, Moscow or Ottawa?
  20. In a memorable 2002 episode who humiliated Mary Archer with the comment: "Look at all the Tories who are in jail. Your husband is the reason Tony Blair gets away with it in parliament."?
  21. Which one out of the following four celebs has never appeared on Question Time: Hugh Grant, Jeremy Clarkson, Stephen Fry or Gary Lineker?
  22. In March 2010, which celebrity panelist was slated for her performance, which the New Statesman's James MacIntyre described as "one of the worst by a panel member I have ever seen"?
  23. Why was a 12th of December 2013 episode scheduled for Swansea moved to a city outside of the UK?
  24. In Sir Robin Day's last Question Time he introduced the panel by their nicknames, which were Dr Death, Tarzan, and Worzel Gummidge - who was Tarzan?
  25. Which presenter and academic has been labelled "the rudest man in Britain" with his frequent appearances on Question Time receiving both criticism and applause?
  26. In a debate over Brexit which staunch Remainer was told by David Dimbleby: "It’s getting boring, you’re getting boring."?
  27. Who hit back with, "I was at school with your son", when mocked by David Dimbleby about his Eton education?
  28. Which Match of the Day pundit was a panelist in March 2016?
  29. Which non-politician has appeared multiple times on Question Time but stopped appearing on Have I Got News for You, stating the show had become a pseudo-panel show?
  30. Which dragon appeared on Question Time in December 2011 and November 2012?


  1. Kenneth Clarke
  2. Sir Robin Day
  3. Peter Sissons
  4. Michael Foot
  5. John Humphrys
  6. Nick Griffin (of the BNP)
  7. Nick Robinson
  8. Michael Howard and Charles Kennedy
  9. Fiona Bruce
  10. Margaret Beckett
  11. Joey Barton
  12. A scorpion
  13. Russell Brand
  14. Sue Lawley
  15. Jo Brand
  16. False. It was the BBC's most-tweeted show.
  17. Gina Miller
  18. Eddie Izzard
  19. Ottawa
  20. Ian Hislop

  21. Gary Lineker
  22. Carol Vorderman
  23. Because of Nelson Mandela's death it was moved to Johannesburg to debate his legacy.
  24. Michael Heseltine
  25. David Starkey
  26. Terry Christian
  27. Jacob Rees-Mogg
  28. Jermaine Jenas
  29. Will Self
  30. Deborah Meaden (of Dragon's Den fame)