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Quiz Questions I

  1. Who resigned as MP for Tooting in 2016?
  2. Who has been a permanent panellist on the BBC quiz show QI since 2003? And what does 'QI' stand for?

  3. Name the first person to burried in Poets' Corner in Westminster Abbey?
  4. What was described by Roman poet Ovid, as being 'part man and part bull'?
  5. What was the name of the spacecraft that Yuri Gagarin was travelling in when he became the first man in space?
  6. If you were buying 'Tu Clothing' which store would you be in?
  7. In carpentry, what name is given to the cavity cut into a timber to receive a tenon?
  8. What is the Australian equivalent to the British emergency call number 999?
  9. Who has been called the 'father of empiricism' and was made Viscount St. Alban in 1621?
  10. Abbeydale Industrial Hamlet is an industrial museum in which city?
  11. In ancient roman times, what exactly was The Tower of Hercules?
  12. What does the 'E' stand for in the non-departmental public body the EHRC?
  13. Which UK city was the first to introduced a congestion charge; it was a year before London's charge?
  14. Name the second largest of London's Royal Park (it's situated in the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames)?
  15. The Boeing B-17 Second World War heavy bomber was known by what two-word nickname?


  1. Sadiq Khan (became Mayor of London in 2016)
  2. Alan Davies. Quite Interesting.
  3. Geoffrey Chaucer
  4. The minotaur
  5. Vostok I
  6. Sainsburys
  7. Mortise
  8. Triple zero (000)
  9. Francis Bacon
  10. Sheffield
  11. A lighthouse
  12. Equality (the Equality and Human Rights Commission)
  13. Durham
  14. Bushy Park
  15. Flying Fortress

Quiz Questions II

  1. Name the well known headquarters for British codebreaking during World War II?
  2. Which iconic figure and dandy in Regency England made modern men's suits worn with a necktie fashionable?
  3. Former pupils of which school are known as Old Wykehamists?
  4. Where in the UK has a top rate of income tax of 20 percent and no inheritance tax?
  5. What is nosocomephobia the fear of?
  6. What does the word 'para' mean as in Paralympics?
  7. Members of which Russian feminist punk rock group made world headlines by being imprisoned in 2012?
  8. The start of the grouse shooting season is known as the 'glorious...' what?
  9. The Stanislavski system is often studied for which occupation?
  10. Which island in the Atlantic Ocean was a staging airfield during the Falklands War for a series of long-range bombing raids?
  11. Which town on Australia's Stuart Highway is nearly equidistant between Adelaide and Darwin?
  12. The epitaph on whose tomb reads: 'And alien tears will fill for him, Pity's long-broken urn, For his mourners will be outcast men, And outcasts always mourn.'?


  1. Bletchley Park
  2. Beau Brummell
  3. Winchester College
  4. Isle of Man
  5. Hospitals
  6. Beside or alongside
  7. Pussy Riot
  8. The Glorious 12th
  9. Acting
  10. Ascension Island
  11. Alice Springs
  12. Oscar Wilde (it's a verse from The Ballad of Reading Gaol)

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