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Quiz Questions I

  1. British actress Audrey Hepburn was born in which country?
  2. The Cinque Ports were originally a confederation of how many harbours?

  3. 'By strength and guile' is the motto of which unit of the British armed forces?
  4. What type of animal is Bagheera in Jungle Book?
  5. Which hill in the City of London is the site of St. Paul's Cathedral?
  6. In the nursery rhyme, who found Lucy Locket's pocket?
  7. Which piece of military kit is abbreviated to KFS?
  8. What is a funeral director or undertaker known as in America?
  9. Which direction does the Italian word 'sinistra' mean in English?
  10. Which main thoroughfare in New York City is known as the heart of the American theatre industry?
  11. Which company performed Gilbert and Sullivan's works for over a century?
  12. Which valley, a region of Colorado, did John Ford use as a location for a number of his better-known films?
  13. Which road tunnel under the River Mersey links Liverpool and Birkenhead?
  14. The Adirondack Mountains are in which American state?


  1. Belgium
  2. Five (cinq means five in Fench)
  3. SBS (Special Boat Service)
  4. A panther
  5. Ludgate Hill
  6. Kitty Fisher
  7. Knife, Folk, Spoon
  8. Mortician
  9. Left
  10. Broadway
  11. D'Oyly Carte Opera Company
  12. Monument Valley
  13. Queensway Tunnel
  14. New York

Quiz Questions II

  1. Which company founded by Min Kao and Gary Burrell in 1989 is known for its GPS technology? And what does the acronym GPS stand for?
  2. Which fruit has the same name as a language?
  3. What name is given to a young domestic pigeon under four weeks old?
  4. What was the largest naval battle thought during the First World War?
  5. In which modern day country was the centre of the Inca Empire located?
  6. The term 'tilting at windmills', an English idiom meaning attacking imaginary enemies, derives from which book? And name the author?
  7. What does a digitabulist collect?
  8. Westminster Abbey is mainly which style of architecture?
  9. Which term meaning travel done very quickly and with only brief stops, originated from President Harry S Truman's style of political campaigning?
  10. Which French word denotes a premium cut of beef used for steaks?
  11. Which brand of soft drink was advertised as having 'the totally tropical taste'?
  12. What part of a person's body do you touch when doing the Hongi?
  13. Which famous artist, specialising in portraits, was born in Plympton, Devon, in 1723?
  14. Where would a stevedore work?
  15. As of 2017, which company is the UK's biggest service area operator with 58 motorway service stations?


  1. Garmin (the clues in their first names), Global Positioning System
  2. Mandarin
  3. Squab
  4. Jutland
  5. Peru
  6. Don Quixotes, by Miguel de Cervantes
  7. Thimbles
  8. Gothic
  9. Whistle Stop Tour
  10. Entrecote
  11. Lilt
  12. Noses, and also accept foreheads (the Hongi is a traditional Maori greeting)
  13. Sir Joshua Reynolds
  14. A dock (a person employed to load and unload ships)
  15. Moto (Welcome Break is the second largest with 35 motorway service stations)

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