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  1. Who was the first one-million-pound winner on the television game show Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?
  2. Which 1990s gameshow was presented by comedian Jim Davidson and snooker player John Virgo?
  3. Which Egghead worked as a train driver and won both Mastermind and International Mastermind in 1983?
  4. If Mark Labbett is "The Beast" and Anne Heggerty "The Governess", what is Shaun Wallace?
  5. "If the Roman numeral 'X' is halved, the result can be represented by which other Roman numeral?" was the last question ever asked on which quiz show?
  6. In the world of quizzing, what is "approaching menace"?
  7. Ingram Wilcox became a millionaire in September 23, 2006, when he named which boxer famous for striking the gong in the introduction to J. Arthur Rank films?
  8. Which 2008 film is a loose adaptation of the novel Q & A?
  9. Who is the author of The Pub Landlord's Great British Pub Quiz Book?
  10. Who hosts the BBC quiz Perfection?

  11. Which BBC radio and TV quiz show for teams from secondary schools ran from 1948 to 1986?
  12. In which quiz do contestants answer quiz questions to win counters which they drop into a large arcade-style coin push machine?
  13. Jim Bowen would warn contestants that if they gambled and lost, they would only receive was their "BFH", what did this abbreviation stand for?
  14. Who originally hosted the general knowledge quiz show Fifteen to One?
  15. Which British comedy-drama film stars James McAvoy as a university student who wins a place on a University Challenge quiz team?
  16. Who is sometimes jokingly known as Alexander Armstrong's "pointless friend"?
  17. How many small triangular wedges are contained in the Classic Edition of Trivial Pursuit?
  18. Who was the original host of Going for Gold?
  19. What is missing from the list: two reeds, lion, horned viper, water, and the eye of Horus?
  20. Kevin Ashman is known by the name of which character from David Copperfield when setting the quiz questions for Brain of Britain?


  1. Judith Keppel
  2. Big Break
  3. Chris Hughes
  4. The Dark Destroyer
  5. The Weakest Link
  6. It's the Mastermind theme tune
  7. Bombardier Billy Wells
  8. Slumdog Millionaire (Q & A is a novel set in India that it tells the rags to riches story of a young waiter who becomes the biggest quiz show winner in history.)
  9. Al Murray

  10. Nick Knowles
  11. Top of the Form
  12. Tipping Point
  13. Bus Fare Home (on television's Bullseye
  14. William G Stewart (the 'G' stands for Gladstone)
  15. Starter for 10
  16. Richard Osman
  17. 36
  18. Henry Kelly
  19. Twisted Flax (as used in the quiz show Only Connect)
  20. Jorkins