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  1. Which quizzer is known as "The Governess"?
  2. What was the occupation of Fred Housego when he won the BBC television quiz Mastermind in 1980?
  3. Stephen Merchant appeared as a contestant on which 1997 TV game show?
  4. Considered one of the greatest quizzers in the world, who still holds the highest overall Mastermind score at 41 points set in 1995?
  5. Which television personality and entrepreneur appeared as a contestant in 1989 on Sale of the Century?
  6. Which captain of the Corpus Christi team gained media attention by her University Challenge performance in 2009?

  7. In 2017 which two men were described as "the Ronaldo and Messi of University Challenge"?
  8. What is Mark Labbett's nickname?
  9. Which Egghead became the fourth contestant to win the jackpot on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire??
  10. Which British author and quizzer is best known for the book A to Z of Almost Everything?
  11. Which quiz show contestant became the first person to win one million pounds on the British television game show Who Wants to Be a Millionaire??
  12. Which former soap star spent a year competing in the UK Quiz Grand Prix as research for his book A Matter Of Facts?
  13. Who in December 2011, announced he had left Eggheads to pursue an acting career?
  14. Ken Jennings is the highest-winning contestant of all time on which American quiz show?
  15. Which quizzer won Going for Gold in 1988 and appeared with her then husband on Bullseye in 1982?
  16. Bill McKaig was the only person to achieve the highest possible score on which British general knowledge quiz show?
  17. Who once Tweeted: "The pointless app is good, the Pointless Quiz Book is awesome, the Pointless board game is nothing to do with me"?
  18. Who representing Newnham College in the first ever series of University Challenge in 1963 claims to be the first person ever to use the ‘F-word’ on British television?


  1. Anne Hegerty (on the ITV game show The Chase)
  2. London taxi driver
  3. Blockbusters
  4. Kevin Ashman (who is also an Egghead since 2003)
  5. Simon Cowell
  6. Gail Trimble
  7. Bobby Seagull, and Eric Monkman
  8. The Beast
  9. Patrick Gibson
  10. Trevor Montague
  11. Judith Keppel
  12. Shaun Williamson
  13. C. J. de Mooi
  14. Jeopardy!
  15. Daphne Fowler
  16. Fifteen to One
  17. Richard Osman
  18. Miriam Margolyes

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