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Radio Stations


  1. Launched in 1967, which British radio station is the most popular in the UK?
  2. Which network of twelve independent contemporary hit radio stations started in the early 1970s as the independent music radio station for London?
  3. The Archers radio soap is broadcast on which station?
  4. On which station did Emma Bunton take over the Sunday evening show from Jason Donovan in 2018?

  5. Which BBC radio station serves Hampshire, Dorset and the Isle of Wight?
  6. Katherine Jenkins and Alexander Armstrong joined the weekend lineup on which station in 2014?
  7. A magazine photograph of President Kennedy and his children in the Oval Office was the inspiration for the name of which radio station?
  8. Which station began in 1985 as a pirate radio station before establishing itself in 1990 as the UK's first legal black and dance music station?
  9. Which station is available in Reykjavik, Iceland on 94.5 MHz FM?
  10. What does the acronym DAB stand for?
  11. What was the two word name of the English-language propaganda radio program broadcast to the UK on the station Reichssender Hamburg from 1939 to 1945?
  12. James Whale hosted a night time radio show on which station from 1995 to 2008?
  13. The UK's original Virgin Radio changed name to what in 2008?
  14. Which broadcaster started hosting the Radio 1 Breakfast Show in August 2018?
  15. Which station was launched on in March 2016 by Edith Bowman and Matt Richardson on a train service from Manchester to London?
  16. Which European radio station began in 1933 to circumvent the BBC monopoly of radio broadcasting in the UK?


  1. BBC Radio 2
  2. Capital
  3. BBC Radio 4
  4. Heart Radio
  5. BBC Radio Solent
  6. Classic FM
  7. Radio Caroline
  8. Kiss FM
  9. The BBC World Service
  10. Digital Audio Broadcasting
  11. Germany Calling
  12. TalkSPORT (or, Talk Radio from 1995–2000)
  13. Absolute Radio
  14. Greg James
  15. Virgin Radio
  16. Radio Luxembourg