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Printable Rebus Puzzle

Ready-made to Download and Print

What is a rebus?

Rebus puzzles are word picture puzzles. They use words or images to convey a phrase or message, often the answers are common phrases or words.

Printable Rebuses

Print a rebus puzzle from this page. Rebus puzzles are quite difficult to create but we'll try to add a few more in 2022.

Download and print a ready-made rebus quiz...

image of a printer The answers to this rebus puzzle are well known phrases. Twenty questions in a PDF which will print onto an A4 sheet.

Download and print our REBUS questions: REBUS QUIZ PDF
And the answers: REBUS ANSWERS PDF

Above questions and answer sheet on an A4 page.
IMPORTANT: Print out the questions using the LANDSCAPE page settings in your printer controls. Some printers do this automatically.

Rebus Example

Just a simple example. What's the well-known phrase in the puzzle below? (Answers follow.)

rebus puzzle

The answer...: Miss under standing - Misunderstanding.