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Reform UK Quiz

Test your knowledge about the Reform UK party with these challenging questions.


  1. Reform UK changed its name from what in January 2021?
  2. Who co-founded the party with Nigel Farage?
  3. Who defected to the party in March 2023, becoming the party's first and only MP?
  4. What is the three-word slogan of the Reform Party?
  5. Who became the leader of Reform UK in March 2021?
  6. Nigel Farage is standing in the 2024 general election in which constituency?
  7. Which former Conservative MP for Maidstone will be campaigning for Reform UK in the 2024 election?
  8. Which former Neighbours star publicly backs Reform UK and is a friend of Nigel Farage?
  9. The party declared in 2024 that they support raising the threshold at which people start paying income tax from £12,500 to what sum?
  10. Complete the three words: After a YouGov opinion poll on 13 June, 2024, Nigel Farage declared, "We are now the ...."?
  11. In which town centre did Nigel Farage have objects thrown at him from a construction site while on an open-top bus?
  12. Reform UK's first MP represents which Nottinghamshire constituency?


  1. Brexit Party
  2. Catherine Blaiklock
  3. Lee Anderson
  4. Britain Needs Reform
  5. Richard Tice
  6. Clacton
  7. Ann Widdecombe
  8. Holly Valance
  9. £20,000
  10. Opposition to Labour
  11. Barnsley
  12. Ashfield