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Review of the Year

A ready-made quiz about 2022

What is the 'Review of the Year'?

Review of 2022 is a quiz about all the news, events and happenings of the past year.
It's a quiz handout with 50 questions plus spaces for the answers. There's an answer sheet too, for the quizmaster.

Printable 2022 handout quiz

A lot happened this year and much of that has found its way onto our quiz.

We saw the the Beijing Winter Olympics and the Commonwealth Games; with the 2022 FIFA World Cup at the end of the year.
In the world of technology and business Elon Musk had his sights set on Twitter, and Eddie Izzard wants to become an MP.
All of these and much more, both UK and world news, are in this end of year quiz.

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Our 50 question handout: REVIEW OF THE YEAR HANDOUT
And, the questions with answers: REVIEW OF THE YEAR QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS

Print as many handout quizzes as required. Don't forget to also print the quizmaster sheet. Instantly print onto A4 pages. See our 'printables quiz page' if you do not have a PDF reader - you can get them for free.

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This is what our handout looks like...

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