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River Facts

Interesting facts about the many famous rivers of the world

Rivers through Capital Cities - the Essential List

Buenos Aries - River Plate
Vienna - River Danube
Beijing - The Yellow River
Paris - River Sein
Berlin - River Spree
Baghdad - River Tigris
Rome - River Tiber
Paris - Seine
Amsterdam - River Amstel
Belfast - River Lagan
Brussels - River Senne
Warsaw - River Vistula
Lisbon - River Tagus
Dublin - River Liffey
Edinburgh - Water of Leith
Cardiff - Taff
Moscow - River Moskva
Madrid - River Manzanares
Washington D.C - River Patomac
Montivideo - River Plate

Rivers - Capital Cities - the Advanced Quizzer List

Wellington - River Hutt
Vientiane - River Mekong, Tokyo - River Sumida
Prague - River Vltava
Canberra - River Molonglo
Tripoli - River Abu Al
Bamako - River Niger
Mandalay - Irriwady River
Islamabad - River Kurang
Stockholm - River Norrstrom
Pretoria - The Apies River
Hanoi - The Red River

Rivers - Capital Cities - Out of Interest

Pyongyang - River Taedong
Kingston - The Hope River
Seoul - The Han River
Kiev - River Dnieper
Kuala Lumpur - River Klamp

Capital Cities that have rivers of the same name


  1. The Danube is Europe's second-longest river, after the Volga River, and passes through four capital cities - Vienna, Bratislava (Slovakia), Budapest, and Belgrade (Serbia). It's source is in Germany and it passes through another 9 countries before emptying into the Black Sea.
  2. Which river is the longest in the world? The Nile is most widely credited as the longest at 4160 miles (source Lake Victoria). However, the Amazon has several mouths and if the most distant mouth is counted it can be said to be longer than the Nile.
  3. In New York City the East River divides Manhattan from Queens and Brooklyn.
  4. The Ganges flows through India and Bangladesh.
  5. The Colorado River flows through the Grand Canyon and is also famous for the Hoover Dam (formerly, called the Boulder Dam).
  6. The Loire is the longest river completely flowing in France and flows through the cities of Nantes, Tours and Orleans.
  7. After the Danube, the Rhine is the second longest river in Central and Western Europe. The biggest city on the Rhine is Cologne.
  8. Famous Dams include The Three Gorges Dam across the Yangtze River and the Aswan Dam across the Nile.

Other Major Cites and their Rivers

Melbourne - Yarra
Perth -Swann River
Lenningrad - Neva
Florence - Arno
Montreal - St. Lawrence

Longest Rivers

Asia & China - Yangtze
Russia - Ob
Europe - Volga
Australia - Murray-Darling
Antarctica - Onyx River
Caanada - Mackenzie River
Scotland - River Tay
Northern Ireland - Bann
Ireland - River Shannon
Spain - Tagus
Italy - Po
Germany - Rhine