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Rivers in Literature


  1. Dorlcote Mill near the village of St Ogg's in Lincolnshire is at the junction of the River Ripple and which other, larger river?
  2. Three Men in a Boat is a humorous account by Jerome K. Jerome of a boating holiday on which river?
  3. Life on the Mississippi is a memoir by which author about his days as a steamboat pilot?
  4. The Cahulawassee River had a central role in which book?

  5. French author Pierre Boulle is best known for two books, both made into well-known films. One was the Planet of the Apes, can you name the other?
  6. The pen name of which author, born on the 5 June 1903, was inspired by his favourite river location?
  7. The River Pang and its water voles, are thought to have inspired which book?
  8. Which work of detective fiction by Agatha Christie was published in the UK by the Collins Crime Club on 1 November 1937?
  9. Charlie Allnut travels the northern part of the Ulanga river on a rusty old boat called what?
  10. Which novel by Dennis Lehane was published in 2001 and made into an Academy Award-winning film in 2003?


  1. River Floss (The Mill on the Floss by George Eliot)
  2. Thames
  3. Mark Twain (written in 1883)
  4. Deliverance (by James Dickey)
  5. The Bridge over the River Kwai
  6. George Orwell
  7. The Wind in the Willows (by Kenneth Grahame. Note: the River Pang is a tributray of the River Thames)
  8. Death on the Nile
  9. The African Queen (title of a novel by C.S. Forester published in 1935)
  10. Mystic River