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Roald Dahl Books


  1. The Witches is a children's dark fantasy novel set partly in England and which other European country?
  2. In The BFG, Sophie, an eight-year-old girl looks out of her window and sees a giant in the street carrying a suitcase and which musical instrument?
  3. In Charlie and the Chocolate Factory what is Charlie's last name?
  4. Who makes nightly visits to local farms owned by three wicked and dim-witted farmers named Boggis, Bunce and Bean?

  5. The owner of the Cardiff sweet shop Roald Dahl frequented as a boy inspired which of his characters?
  6. How tall is the Big Friendly Giant: (a) 24-foot-tall, (b) 48-feet tall, or (c) 64-feet-tall?
  7. In The Giraffe and the Pelly and Me what job do the giraffe, pelican, and monkey do?
  8. The idea for which humorous children's book came about because Roald Dahl hated beards?
  9. Which 8-year old boy is the only son of Mr and Mrs Kranky?
  10. What is the name of Matilda's teacher?
  11. In James and the Giant Peach, when he is four years old what sort of carnivorous animal escapes from the zoo and eats James' parents?
  12. Who are the little people who work in Willy Wonka's chocolate factory?
  13. Who is the boy in Matilda’s class who is forced to eat a whole chocolate cake?
  14. What sort of pet does Mrs Silver own in the Roald Dahl book Esio Trot?
  15. Who was the illustrator for eighteen of Roald Dahl's books?
  16. In a 1975 children's book by Roald Dahl, which young boy was descibed in a book title as "Champion of the World"?
  17. Which large bird with fantastically coloured tailfeathers appears in both The Enormous Crocodile and The Twits?
  18. In The Witches the Grand High Witch arrives in England to turn all of the children into what?
  19. How many Golden Tickets were hidden in Wonka Bars?
  20. The BFG is a vegetarian giant and only eats which knobbly vegetable?


  1. Norway
  2. A trumpet
  3. Bucket
  4. Mr Fox
  5. Miss Trunchbull
  6. (a) 24-foot-tall
  7. Window cleaners
  8. The Twits
  9. George (in "George's Marvellous Medicine")
  10. Miss Jennifer Honey
  11. Rhinoceros
  12. Oompa-Loompas
  13. Bruce Bogtrotter
  14. Tortoise
  15. Sir Quentin Saxby Blake
  16. Danny ("Danny, the Champion of the World")
  17. The Roly-Poly Bird
  18. Mice
  19. Five Golden Tickets
  20. Snozzcumbers