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Roman Emperors

Roman Quiz

  1. The first official emperor of the Roman Empire was Gaius Octavius Thurinus, who was also known as Octavian and by what other name?
  2. Which Roman emperor was the first to convert to Christianity and also built Byzantium?
  3. Which emperor, the son of Agrippina the Younger, often provoked scandal by performing as a musician and actor?
  4. What nickname meaning 'little boot' was given to the emperor who was assassinated in AD 41?

  5. Although technically the last ruler of Rome’s Republican era and not an emperor, what was the given first name of Julius Caesar?
  6. Who was the Roman emperor when Jesus of Nazareth was crucified?
  7. Which Roman emperor oversaw the conquest of Britain a 43 AD?
  8. What did Roman Emperor Antoninus Pius order the construction of around AD 142?
  9. Considered one of the best Roman emperors, Trajan fell ill and died in AD 117. What was the name of his adopted son who succeeded him?
  10. Romulus Augustulus is typically regarded as the last Western Roman emperor. In which century did his reign end?


  1. Augustus
  2. Constantine I
  3. Nero
  4. Caligula
  5. Gaius
  6. Tiberius
  7. Claudius
  8. The Antonine Wall
  9. Hadrian
  10. 5th century