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Roman Quiz

Quiz I

  1. Name the legendary founder of Rome?
  2. Which turf and wood wall stretched 39 miles between the Firth of Forth and the Firth of Clyde in Scotland?
  3. By what name is the the Colosseum in Rome also known by?
  4. The ancient city of Rome was built on how many hills?

  5. Caesar was killed on the Ides of March; exactly what day in March is this?
  6. What was the ancient Roman title given as both name and title to Gaius Octavius, Rome's first Emperor?
  7. Name the naval battle between Octavian and the combined forces of Mark Antony and Cleopatra?
  8. The Romans ate Glis glis as a delicacy; what exactly is it?
  9. According to legend, Julius Caesar uttered the phrase 'the die has been cast' on crossing which river on his way to Rome?
  10. Which important road connected Rome to Brindisi, in southeast Italy?
  11. Name Nero's mother?
  12. In which year did the Roman conquest of Britain effectively begin? And who was Roman emperor during this conquest?


  1. Romulus
  2. The Antonine Wall
  3. The Flavian Ampthitheatre
  4. Seven
  5. 15th
  6. Augustus
  7. Battle of Actium
  8. Edible dormouse
  9. The Rubicon
  10. The Appian Way
  11. Agrippina the Younger
  12. AD 43. Claudius.

Rome Trivia II

  1. Which ancient Roman chariot racing and entertainment venue located in Rome was once the first and largest stadium in ancient Rome?
  2. The word gladiator comes from the Latin word gladius, what does this word mean?
  3. Which Roman general, politican and rival of Pompey, defeated the slave revolt led by Spartacus?
  4. Which ancient Roman road linked the modern places of Gloucester to Cirencester to Silchester?
  5. The Pisonian conspiracy was a plot against which Emperor?
  6. Which Roman Emperor made his horse a senator? And can you name the horse?
  7. Which Roman Emperor decreed that Sunday would be the Roman day of rest?
  8. Composed of 360 soldiers, what name was given to the standard tactical unit of a Roman legion?
  9. Which four letters tranlsating to 'The Roman Senate and People' appear on currency, documents, monuments and Roman legion insignia?
  10. Which queen of the Iceni tribe led an uprising against the Roman Empire in Britain, circa AD 60?
  11. Who wrote three of the most famous poems in Latin literature including the epic Aeneid?
  12. Name the modern British places that were given the folowing Roman names: (a)Aquae Sulis, (b)Eboracum, (c)Ratae Corieltauvorum, (d)Verulamium, and (e)Durolipons?


  1. Circus Maximus

  2. Sword
  3. Crassus
  4. Ermin Way
  5. Nero
  6. Caligula. The horse was called Incitatus.
  7. Constantine I (Rome's first Christian Emperor)
  8. Cohort
  9. SPQR
  10. Boudica
  11. Virgil
  12. (a)Bath, (b)York, (c)Leicester, (d)St Albans, and (e)Cambridge

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