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Roses Quiz


  1. Rosa canina is commonly known by what name?
  2. What is the practice of removing spent, faded, or withered flowers called?
  3. Rosa 'Harison's Yellow' is also known as the 'Yellow Rose of' where?
  4. The points on the stem of a rose are not actually true thorns and should be called what?

  5. What is the name of the fruit that comes from roses?
  6. "A rose by any other name would smell as sweet" is a popular quote from which William Shakespeare play?
  7. A pink blend garden rose, first introduced at the British Embassy in the United States in 1998, was named after who?/li>
  8. Which colour roses are a symbol of gratitude and appreciation?
  9. Which online UK women's fashion brand, formerly a store chain, got its name from a classic rambling rose?
  10. Which confectionary also known as lokum is often flavored with rosewater?
  11. Yes or no? Is there such a thing as an actual black rose?
  12. How many petals do wild roses or dog roses have?
  13. Which rose is England's national flower?
  14. What sort of spot is the most serious disease of roses?
  15. What is the oldest class of Modern garden roses?
  16. Known for her music and theme park, which famous singer has an orange red rose variety bearing her name?
  17. According to Greek Mythology, who gave the rose its name?
  18. What's the first four words in the lyrics of Rose Garden, a song by Lynn Anderson?
  19. In the 1941 film Citizen Kane, what's the last word of the elderly Charles Foster Kane on his deathbed?
  20. Which South African city has the nickname "city of the roses"? (Hint: its name is derived from the Dutch word for "fountain of flowers")


  1. Dog rose
  2. Deadheading
  3. Texas
  4. Prickles
  5. Hips
  6. Romeo and Juliet
  7. Diana, Princess of Wales'
  8. Pink
  9. Dorothy Perkins
  10. Turkish delight
  11. No. Although a reddish-crimson rose may look black to the eye.
  12. 5 petals
  13. The Tudor Rose
  14. Black spot
  15. Hybrid Tea
  16. Dolly Parton
  17. Aphrodite
  18. I beg your pardon
  19. Rosebud
  20. Bloemfontein