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Rowing Quiz


  1. Which rowing event held annually on the River Thames was established on 26 March 1839?
  2. An Olympic rowing race is always raced over what distance (in metres)?
  3. Who is the only person on a boat during a race who doesn't hold an oar?
  4. Who in April 2019, became the oldest rower in the University Boat Race's history by 10 years?
  5. When an oar gets stuck in the water and disrupts the flow of the boat it's called catching a what?

  6. Which rowing club describes itself as 'the most historic, prestigious and successful rowing club in the world'?
  7. Which student partnered Steve Redgrave in the coxless pair at the World Rowing Championships in 1990?
  8. What name is given to the rower closest to the stern of the boat?
  9. If Oxford's reserve boat is called Isis, what is Cambridge's called?
  10. What term means moving the boat with two oars per rower?
  11. Who made history in the Tokyo Olympics by becoming the first mother to compete for Team GB in rowing?
  12. What term is used for when the oar's blade is parallel with the water? It's the opposite of square.
  13. Sir Steve Redgrave won gold medals at how many consecutive Olympic Games?
  14. Which famous actor rowed for Cambridge University in 1980?
  15. The Boat Race of the North is an annual rowing event between the boat clubs of which two English universities?
  16. The Harvard–Yale Regatta is an annual rowing race hosted on which American river?
  17. The Pengwern Boat Club, which has hosted the Coracle World Championships, is on a stretch of which river?
  18. What is the voga alla veneta?


  1. Henley Royal Regatta
  2. 2,000 metres
  3. Cox
  4. James Cracknell
  5. Catching crabs
  6. Leander Club
  7. Matthew Pinsent
  8. Stroke
  9. Goldie
  10. Sculling
  11. Helen Glover
  12. Feather
  13. Five (from 1984 to 2000)
  14. Hugh Laurie
  15. Durham and Newcastle universities
  16. Thames River
  17. River Severn
  18. The rowing style used to propel a Venetian gondola