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Quiz I

  1. Michael Leitch is the captain of which team in the 2019 World Cup?
  2. Which country caused the first upset of the 2019 World Cup with a win over Fiji?
  3. Name the only player to play in every minute of all England's tournament matches when they won the world cup in 2003?

  4. Name the youngest player ever to appear in a World Cup Final?
  5. Before the start of the 2019 tournament, New Zealand had played 50 World Cup tournament matches but how many of these had they lost?
  6. England have been in three but how many tries have they scored in World Cup Finals?
  7. Which ALl Black player scored the opening try of the first match at both the 1987 and 1991 Rugby World Cups?
  8. Which South African kicked five drop-goals against England in Paris, in 1999?
  9. What number did Nelson Mandela have on his back when he wore a Springbock jersey to present the Rugby World Cup in 1995?
  10. Which country won the 1991 World Cup?
  11. Name New Zealand’s captain going into the first ever tournament?
  12. What is the name of the trophy awarded to the world cup winner?
  13. Which British team came fourth in the 1991 tournament?
  14. Since 1995, how many teams compete in each tournament?
  15. Who scored England's only points in the 1991 Rugby World Cup Final?
  16. Who was the first ever player sent off?
  17. Which French player captained his team at the 2003 World Cup, retiring after their semi-final exit?
  18. Which player is best known for kicking the winning penalty in the 2011 Rugby World Cup Final?
  19. Name the only city to have hosted matches in four Rugby World Cups?
  20. Before the start of the 2019 tournament which country has won most World Cup tournament matches: Ireland, Scotland or Wales?
  21. At 19 years and 166 days who is the youngest try-scorer in World Cup history?
  22. Pre-2019 tournament, who holds the record for most World Cup matches with 22?


  1. Japan
  2. Uruguay
  3. Lawrence Dallaglio
  4. Jonah Lomu (20 years and 43 days)
  5. Six
  6. One (scored by Jason Robinson in 2003)
  7. Michael Jones
  8. Jannie de Beer (South Africa)
  9. Number 6
  10. Australia
  11. Andy Dalton (injured in the first match and replaced as captain by David Kirk)
  12. The Webb Ellis Cup
  13. Scotland
  14. 20
  15. Jonathan Webb (2 penalties)
  16. Huw Richards (Wales)
  17. Fabien Galthie
  18. Stephen Donald (New Zealand)
  19. Cardiff (1991, 1999, 2007 and 2015)
  20. Scotland (with 22. Ireland and Wales have both won 21 matches.)
  21. George North
  22. Jason Leonard

World Cup Rugby Trivia II

  1. The highest ever attendance for a match was at Wembley Stadium, in September 2015, when which country played Romania?
  2. At the 2019 Rugby World Cup tournament what links the coaches of Namibia, Canada and Russia?
  3. Who equalled Jonah Lomu's record for most tries in one World Cup competition when he scored 8 in 2007?
  4. Which New Zealand player scored a record six tries against Japan in 1995?
  5. How many times have France reached the final?
  6. Name the referee that sent off Sam Warburton in a world cup semi final?
  7. Which city will host the 2019 Rugby World Cup Final? And which city will the 2023 final be held in?
  8. Name the only two dedicated rugby union 'club grounds' to host matches in the 2015 tournament?
  9. Which country beat France 34–10 in the 2007 Bronze Final (or third place play-off)?
  10. Which country reached the 1991 Quarter Finals having gone out in round one in every other tournament?
  11. Can you name the oldest player in England's 2011 Rugby World Cup squad?
  12. Why did Catalin Fercu withdraw from the 2011 Romanian squad?
  13. Which country is the most notable absence for the 2019 tournament?
  14. In a major upset, which country did France lose to in 2011?
  15. Name the only South African to achieve two World Cup wins?
  16. How many quarter finals have Italy reached?
  17. Who kicked a drop-goal in extra time to win victory for South Africa in the 1995 final?
  18. On 19 September 2015, Japan stunned South Africa with a last minute try to win 34–32 in which British city?
  19. Whose 100th, and last test match was in his team's defeat by Fiji in the 2007 World Cup?
  20. Name the only team to have received two red cards in one match?


  1. Ireland
  2. They're all Welsh (Kingsley Jones (Canada), Lyn Jones (Russia) and Phil Davies (Namibia))
  3. Bryan Habana
  4. Marc Ellis
  5. Three (1987, 1999, 2011)
  6. Alain Rolland
  7. Yokohama. Paris (2023).
  8. Kingsholm Stadium and Sandy Park
  9. Argentina

  10. Canada
  11. Simon Shaw (aged 38)
  12. Fear of flying
  13. Romania
  14. Tonga
  15. Os du Randt
  16. None
  17. Joel Stransky
  18. Brighton and Hove
  19. Gareth Thomas
  20. Canada (in a 20-0 defeat to South Africa in 1995)

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