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SAS: Special Air Service


  1. What is the famous motto of the British SAS?
  2. Which British officer founded the special forces unit as a regiment in 1941?
  3. The SAS were based in which city in England for many years?
  4. All non-officers who pass selection lose their previous rank and are assigned which SAS rank?

  5. What was the famous call sign of an eight-man SAS patrol, deployed into Iraq during the First Gulf War?
  6. The SAS initiated "Operation Nimrod" in May 1980 to rescue hostages from where?
  7. Which mountainous region in Wales is an area used to test the fitness of applicants?
  8. Author and former Special Air Service sergeant Colin Armstrong is better known by what pen-name?
  9. Which British explorer was seconded to the SAS where he specialised in demolitions?
  10. The cap badge is a white sword or dagger, pointing down, with a pair of light blue what?


  1. Who Dares Wins
  2. David Stirling
  3. Hereford
  4. Trooper
  5. Bravo Two Zero
  6. The Iranian Embassy in London
  7. Brecon Beacons (Bannau Brycheiniog)
  8. Chris Ryan
  9. Sir Ranulph Fiennes
  10. Wings