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Saturday Night Television

Quiz: the history of Saturday night TV

  1. Which long-running programme first appeared on BBC TV on Saturday, 23 November 1963?
  2. Whose first major TV role was as hospital porter Jimmy Powell in the BBC series Casualty?
  3. Noel's House Party was set in a large house in which fictional village?
  4. Which well-known female celeb's first TV appearance was as a contestant on Blind Date in 1991?

  5. What was the alias of Michael Van Wijk in series 1 to 8 of Gladiators?
  6. Big Break was hosted by Jim Davidson and which snooker player?
  7. Who was the first presenter of The X Factor?
  8. "Seems like a nice boy!" was whose catchphrase?
  9. Can you name the original four hosts of Game For A Laugh?
  10. Which BBC police television series about daily life at a fictional London police station ran from 1955 to 1976?
  11. Which duo first hit our screen on Saturday 28th, July 1979 in a show that lasted nine years?
  12. What's the nickname of the customized 1969 Dodge Charger in The Dukes of Hazzard?
  13. How many celebrities feature around 'the wheel' on the British game show hosted by Michael McIntyre?
  14. Can you remember the name of Starsky & Hutch's street-wise, informant played by Antonio Fargas?
  15. Which British game show aired between 20 February 1988 and 12 April 1997? It was initially hosted by Bruce Forsyth, then Matthew Kelly and finally, from 1996 to 1997 by Darren Day.
  16. Susan Boyle rose to fame in 2009 after appearing as a contestant on which show?
  17. Boy George played the character "Cowboy George" in a one-off episode of which Saturday TV series?
  18. John Forsythe played which oil magnate in Dynasty?
  19. In which TV series was Dorset resident Janet Elford convinced into believing that aliens had landed in her garden?
  20. Which British television comedy sketch show aired from Saturday, 10 April 1971 to 25 December 1987?
  21. "It All Happens on Saturday" is the theme tune of which show first shown on BBC1 on 19 June 1971 and last broadcast on 22 December 2007?
  22. Who played superheroine Blunderwoman in The Russ Abbot Show?
  23. Who hosted two series of Blankety Blank in 2021 and 2022?
  24. Despite 'Match of the Day's' longevity there have only ever been five regular main presenters. Gary Lineker is one, can you name the other four?


  1. Doctor Who
  2. Robson Green
  3. Crinkley Bottom
  4. Amanda Holden
  5. Wolf
  6. John Virgo
  7. Kate Thornton
  8. Larry Grayson
  9. Jeremy Beadle, Henry Kelly, Matthew Kelly, and Sarah Kennedy
  10. Dixon of Dock Green
  11. Cannon and Ball (Tommy Cannon and Bobby Ball)
  12. The General Lee
  13. Seven celebrities
  14. Huggy Bear
  15. You Bet!
  16. Britain's Got Talent
  17. The A-Team
  18. Blake Carrington
  19. Beadle's About
  20. The Two Ronnies
  21. Parkinson
  22. Bella Emberg
  23. Bradley Walsh
  24. Kenneth Wolstenholme (1964–1967), David Coleman (1967–1973), Jimmy Hill (1973–1988), and Des Lynam (1988–1999)