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Scales Quiz

Quiz Questions

  1. What scale developed in 1935, is a scale of numbers used to tell the magnitude of earthquakes?
  2. The pH scale measures how acidic an object is. What do the letters 'P' and 'H' stand for?
  3. The first official use of what scale was on the 1831 voyage of the HMS Beagle?
  4. On which temperature scale does zero reflect the complete absence of thermal energy?
  5. What does the DOL scale measure?

  6. What scale is also called the Heterosexual–Homosexual Rating Scale?
  7. The Scoville Scale expresses the level of heat in what?
  8. At which temperature are the Celsius and Fahrenheit scales equal?
  9. The Apgar score is a test given to what?
  10. The Mercalli intensity scale is a scale to measure the intensity of what?
  11. On which scale does gypsum have the value 2 and corundum 9?
  12. The Ringelmann scale is a scale for measuring the apparent density of what?
  13. A clinical scale used to reliably measure a person's level of consciousness after a brain injury contains the name of which British city?
  14. What does the Saffir–Simpson scale classify?
  15. Gay-Lussac developed a scale to measure the strength of what?
  16. First introduced in the 1950s, the Hamilton–Norwood scale is used to classify the stages of male what?
  17. Which musical scale has five notes per octave?
  18. What scale starting with the letter 'V' is found on calipers used to measure internal and external diameters?
  19. Named after a Scottish inventor, which scale is used to describe the intensity of sound waves?
  20. What number is defined as the ratio of the speed of an object to the speed of sound in the same medium?


  1. The Richter scale
  2. Potential of Hydrogen
  3. The Beaufort wind force scale
  4. The Kelvin scale
  5. Pain
  6. The Kinsey scale
  7. Peppers
  8. Minus 40 degrees
  9. Newborn baby's (health test)
  10. Earthquakes
  11. The Mohs scale
  12. Smoke
  13. Glasgow (The Glasgow Coma Scale)
  14. Hurricanes
  15. Alcohol
  16. Baldness
  17. A pentatonic scale
  18. Vernier scale
  19. Decibel scale
  20. Mach number