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Quiz I

  1. What does the 'o' stand for in the math's school acronym BODMAS?
  2. What is the third letter of the Greek alphabet?
  3. What is described as 'the mass per unit volume'?
  4. School English: Which word is the adjective in the sentence 'he wore a smart shirt to dinner today'?
  5. The Vedas are the oldest scriptures of which religion?
  6. What name is given to the layer between the Earth's crust and outer core?
  7. If text messages cost 11p each; how many do you get for £15?
  8. Who wrote the opera William Tell?
  9. What is the only prime number that comprises two consecutive prime numbers?
  10. How many lines are there in a sonnet?
  11. In French, what is the meaning of the word 'semaine'?
  12. Which country did Scotland form the Auld Alliance with?
  13. A cow on overage release between 70 and 120 kg of which polluting chemical compound per year?
  14. The International Brigades were volunteer military units made up from different countries who fought in which war?
  15. What name is given to an 'ion' with fewer electrons than protons, giving it a positive charge?
  16. School history: Name the first husband of Catherine of Aragon?
  17. Which American time zone is between the Pacific Time Zone and Central Time Zone?
  18. Name the third most common gas in the Earth's atmosphere after Nitrogen and Oxygen?
  19. Women in the UK were given the vote in 1918 - however, over what age did they have to be to vote?
  20. What name is given to the luminous massive star of low mass that our Sun will become in about five billion years?
  21. There are three types of tundra, Arctic tundra and Antarctic tundra are two, what is the third type?
  22. Tritium is an isotope of which chemical element?


  1. Order (BODMAS stands for bracket order division multiplication adding subtraction)
  2. Gamma
  3. Density
  4. Smart (adjective is a describing word)
  5. Hinduism
  6. Mantle
  7. 136 (with 4p left over)
  8. Gioachino Rossini
  9. 23
  10. Week
  11. 14
  12. France
  13. Methane
  14. The Spanish Civil War
  15. Cation
  16. Arthur, Prince of Wales (Henry VIII's elder brother who died aged 16)
  17. Mountain Time Zone
  18. Argon
  19. 30
  20. Red Giant
  21. Alpine tundra
  22. Hydrogen

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