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Quiz About Sci-Fi

Quiz Questions

  1. What exactly is Deep Space Nine in the science fiction television series Star Trek: Deep Space Nine?
  2. Which John Wyndham science fiction novel has been filmed twice (in 1960 and 1995) as Village of the Damned?
  3. Nadsat is a fictional language used by teenagers in which book and film?
  4. Which 1865 novel by Jules Verne tells the story of the Baltimore Gun Club?
  5. What do the intials in H.G. Wells stand for?

  6. By what name do we better know the 'heuristically programmed algorithmic computer'? And in which film did this computer first appear?
  7. Jeff Bridges plays game developer programmer Kevin Flynn in which 1982 American science fiction action-adventure film?
  8. According to the The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy what is the answer to the 'ultimate question of life, the universe and everything'?
  9. 'A robot may not injure a human being or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm' is the first law of what? And which science fiction author created these laws?
  10. Which ship was destroyed in 2122 when its reactor was set to self destruct by Warrant Officer Ellen Ripley?
  11. In many ways seen as a successor to Spock, name the anatomically fully functional android found by Starfleet in 2338 as sole survivor on Omicron Theta?
  12. In a 1984 science fiction film, based on a 1965 Frank Herbert novel, by what name is the planet Arrakis better known?


  1. A space station
  2. The Midwich Cuckoos
  3. A Clockwork Orange
  4. From the Earth to the Moon
  5. Herbert George
  6. HAL (or HAL 9000). 2001: A Space Odyssey.
  7. Tron
  8. 42
  9. The Three Laws of Robotics. Isaac Asimov.
  10. Nostromo
  11. Data
  12. Dune

Quiz Questions II

  1. Name the FBI agent that partnered Special Agent Fox Mulder?
  2. Which 1950 science fiction short story collection by Ray Bradbury features the colonization of Mars by humans fleeing a devastated Earth?
  3. The Class M-3, Model B9, General Utility Non-Theorizing Environmental Robot features in which 1960s American science fiction television series?
  4. Which novel opens in London in AF 632 with the central characters Lenina Crowne and Bernard Marx?
  5. Which term to describe an illegal thought was popularized in the George novel Nineteen Eighty-Four?
  6. What did Ray Bradbury believe was the temperature, in degrees fahrenheit, at which book paper catches fire?
  7. What does the 'T' stand for in James T. Kirk?
  8. What is 6 miles long, 4 miles tall, and 3 miles wide and is operated by the Jupiter Mining Corporation?
  9. In which film does Rick Deckard reluctantly agree to hunt down bioengineered androids led by Roy Batty? And what name are given to these andriods?
  10. In which film do the aliens' heads explode when they hear Slim Whitman's 'Indian Love Call'?
  11. Captain Nemo appears in which two Jules Verne's novels?
  12. Dutch called which science fiction creation 'one ugly motherfucker!'?
  13. Which Arthur C. Clarke short story is said to have inspired the 1968 epic science-fiction film 2001: A Space Odyssey?
  14. Who wrote the following science fiction novels: (a) Neuromancer, (b) Ender's Game, (c) I, Robot, (d) The City and the Stars, (e) The Kraken Wakes, and (f) Starship Troopers?


  1. Dana Scully (The X-Files)
  2. The Martian Chronicles
  3. Lost in Space
  4. Brave New World (by Aldous Huxley)
  5. Thoughtcrime
  6. 451 degrees fahrenheit (Fahrenheit 451 is a novel)
  7. Tiberius
  8. Red Dwarf

  9. Blade Runner. Replicants.
  10. Mars Attacks!
  11. Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea and The Mysterious Island (did you know that Captain Nemo is also known as Prince Dakkar?)
  12. The Predator
  13. The Sentinel
  14. (a) William Gibson, (b) Orson Scott Card, (c) Isaac Asimov, (d) Arthur C. Clarke, (e) John Wyndham, and (f) Robert Heinlein