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Scottish History Quiz and Answers


  1. What was the Latin name used by the Roman Empire to refer to the area north of the River Forth?
  2. In which 1314 battle did Robert the Bruce defeat Edward II's army?
  3. Mary, Queen of Scots, was tried and executed in 1587 in which castle?
  4. Written by Scottish barons proclaiming Scotland to be an independent sovereign state, what name is given to the 1320 letter sent to the Pope?

  5. The Battle of Culloden was the final confrontation of which rising?
  6. What name is given to the massacre on 13 February 1692 in which an estimated 30 members of Clan MacDonald were killed?
  7. Which 16th century Scottish minister was the founder of the Presbyterian Church of Scotland?
  8. Along with Andrew Moray, William Wallace defeated an English army at which battle in September 1297?
  9. Name the Scottish economist who was a key figure during the Scottish Enlightenment?
  10. A tiny house in Ecclefechan, near Lockerbie, was the birthplace in 1795 of which significant thinker and renowned philosopher?
  11. The 12th-century chess pieces discovered in 1831 are named after which island on which they were found?
  12. Burns Night, which marks the anniversary of Robert Burns' birth, is celebrated annually on which date in January?
  13. Which Scottish city has a long association with marmalade?
  14. On 28 December 1879, which bridge collapsed in high winds while a train was crossing, killing everybody on board?
  15. At the 1924 Paris Summer Olympics, which Scottish sprinter refused to run because the heats were held on a Sunday?
  16. Robert the Bruce's body is buried in which Scottish abbey?
  17. Who died in March 1790 and is buried at Kilmuir on Skye, her body wrapped in a sheet which Bonnie Prince Charlie once slept in?
  18. Who arrived on Iona in 563 AD with 12 followers and established a monastic community?
  19. The Treaty of Corbeil in 1326 renewed the 'Auld Alliance' between Scotland and which country?
  20. Which Scottish missionary was the first European to cross Africa?
  21. Which Scottish politician was a founder of the Labour Party and served as its first parliamentary leader from 1906 to 1908?
  22. Who was King of Scots from 1040 until his death in 1057?
  23. Which Scottish university is the third-oldest university in the English-speaking world after Oxford and Cambridge?
  24. Which palace was the crowning place of Scottish kings, where both Robert the Bruce and Charles II were once crowned?
  25. Which important building in Edinburgh, once located at the northwest corner of St Giles' Cathedral, was used as a prison and place of execution until it was demolished in 1817?


  1. Caledonia
  2. The Battle of Bannockburn
  3. Fotheringhay Castle
  4. Declaration of Arbroath
  5. Jacobite rising (of 1745)
  6. The Massacre of Glencoe
  7. John Knox
  8. The Battle of Stirling Bridge
  9. Adam Smith
  10. Thomas Carlyle
  11. The Isle of Lewis (The Lewis Chessmen)
  12. 25th of January
  13. Dundee
  14. The Tay Bridge
  15. Eric Liddell
  16. Dunfermline Abbey
  17. Flora MacDonald
  18. St. Columba
  19. France
  20. David Livingstone (between 1853-56)
  21. James Keir Hardie
  22. Macbeth
  23. The University of St Andrews
  24. Scone Palace
  25. Old Tolbooth