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Scottish Slang Words

Word Quiz

  1. Which six letter word, often put before lass, is Scottish slang for "beautiful"?
  2. What in Edinburgh are often called 'bairns' and in Glasgow 'weans'?
  3. Hoachin’ means that you are what?
  4. What food are neeps?
  5. What word beginning with 's' is still used to refer to English people, mostly negatively?

  6. What is the six letter abbreviated slang word for a potato?
  7. What does "to haver" mean in Scottish slang?
  8. What is the five letter word of Scottish origin now in general English useage meaning careful, or clever?
  9. What part of the body is an oxter?
  10. When applied to a person, what is a blether?
  11. What creature is sometimes called a puddock?
  12. What item of clothing is a goonie?
  13. Mawkit is generally used as a description for something what?
  14. The word "geggy" is used to describe someone's what?
  15. Tassie is a Scottish slang word meaning what?


  1. Bonnie
  2. Small children
  3. Very busy
  4. Turnips
  5. Sassenach
  6. Tattie
  7. To talk foolishly
  8. Canny
  9. Armpit
  10. Gossip, or chatter-box
  11. Frog or toad
  12. Nightdress, or dressing gown
  13. Something dirty
  14. Mouth
  15. Cup