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British Seaside Towns Quiz

  1. In which seaside town is The Grand Hotel? At its opening in 1867, it was the largest hotel in Europe.
  2. Which town’s biggest tourist attraction is a headland known as the Great Orme?
  3. In which town was the firs Butlin's holiday camps opened in 1936?
  4. Which unusual place name in Devon comes from the title of a Charles Kingsley novel?

  5. The Osmington White Horse is a limestone hill figure just north of which seaside town sometimes known as 'the first resort'?
  6. The motto "Gem of the Norfolk Coast" is associated with which traditional seaside resort?
  7. Mumbles is a headland sited on the western edge of which UK city?
  8. Which town sometimes dubbed the "Pearl of Dorset" is noted for its Fossil Beach and harbour wall, known as The Cobb?
  9. Which town famous for its beautiful beach has also been home to some of the greatest sculptors and artists including Turner, Barbara Hepworth, and Henry Moore?
  10. What connects Gary Barlow in 1999, Westlife in 2000, Steps in 2001 and Geri Halliwell in 2004?
  11. Combe Martin is a village 4 miles east of which well known North Devon seaside town?
  12. Which town would you visit to walk along the longest pleasure pier in the world?
  13. Mousehole is a village and fishing port approximately 2.5 miles south of which town?
  14. Sandown Beach and its traditional British seafront is one of the most popular places to visit in which county?
  15. In which seaside town can you visit The Dracula Experience?
  16. West Sands Beach which features in the opening scene in the film Chariots of Fire is in which Scottish town?
  17. Which seaside resort on the Wirral in Merseyside has the UK's longest promenade?
  18. Which town was given the nickname "Bradford on Sea" and between 1956 and 1989, was the host of the Miss Great Britain beauty contest?
  19. In which unusual village in North Devon do residents move everything up and down their famous steep cobbled street on sledges?
  20. Which village on the coast of Northumberland is notable for the nearby castle and for its connection with Victorian heroine Grace Darling, who is buried there?
  21. In which seaside town can you follow the 'Agatha Christie Mile' walking trail?
  22. Which coastal town is located on the Irish Sea, 4-miles to the east of Rhyl?
  23. Which seaside town was a title of a UK single released in 1982 and is also the location of the Turner Contemporary art gallery?
  24. Historically a town in its own right, Portobello is now a coastal suburb of which city?
  25. In which seaside town on the Isle of Thanet in east Kent did Charles Dickens write David Copperfield while staying at Bleak House?


  1. Scarborough (North Yorkshire)
  2. Llandudno
  3. Skegness
  4. Westward Ho!
  5. Weymouth (in Dorset)
  6. Cromer
  7. Swansea
  8. Lyme Regis
  9. St Ives
  10. They turned on the Blackpool illuminations in those years
  11. Ilfracombe
  12. Southend (Southend-on-Sea)
  13. Penzance
  14. Isle of Wight
  15. Whitby
  16. St Andrews
  17. New Brighton
  18. Morecambe
  19. Clovelly
  20. Bamburgh
  21. Torquay
  22. Prestatyn
  23. Margate
  24. Edinburgh
  25. Broadstairs