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Senior Citizens Trivia


  1. Rossini's William Tell Overture will always be associated with which television series?
  2. What happened on August 8, 1963, near Bridego Bridge, north of London?
  3. What's the common name for the solid wooden framed seating in churches?
  4. Can you name the medical student who in 1954 became the first man to run a mile in under 4 minutes?

  5. CND was launched in London in February 1958. What do the intiials CND stand for?
  6. In which decade was Cardiff officially designated the capital of Wales?
  7. Which British designer is famous for creating the miniskirt in 1964?
  8. What was the name of the world’s first satellite launched into orbit in 1957 by Russia?
  9. Who hosted the famous American television variety show that ran on CBS from 1948, to 1971?
  10. Who was Cuban-American actor Desi Arnaz married to?
  11. Which market town in Lincolnshire is also the last name of an 18th century English portrait and landscape painter?
  12. How many trombones were there in the signature song from the musical The Music Man?
  13. Brian Blessed played the role of PC "Fancy" Smith in which BBC television series?
  14. Who did sheriff Pat Garrett shoot at the Maxwell Ranch in New Mexico on July 14, 1881?
  15. "Mellow Yellow" was a song written and recorded by which Scottish singer?
  16. The headquarters of Young's Seafood is in which Lincolnshire town?
  17. Which British-American actor moved to the United States at the outbreak of World War II and starred in How Green Was My Valley and Lassie Come Home?
  18. Which brothers first published Monopoly in 1935?
  19. The Cuban Missile Crisis was a confrontation between the United States and the Soviet Union in which year?
  20. Which Labour politician became the youngest prime minister for 70 years in 1964?
  21. What name is given to the stiff rope used by cowboys for catching cattle?
  22. What, beginning with the letter 'c', is often mounted in a binnacle?
  23. Scottish poet Robert Burns' birthday is celebrated every year in which month?
  24. Who returned his MBE medal in 1969 as a protest to the British government’s support of the Vietnam war?
  25. What was the name of the de Havilland aircraft that entered service in 1952 as the world’s first commercial jet airliner?
  26. Winston Churchill resigned as Prime Minister due to ill health in 1955. Who replaced him?
  27. Prince Charles was crowned 'Prince of Wales' at which Welsh castle in 1969?
  28. The Soup Dragon appeared in which TV series?
  29. The first African state to become independent of Britain, what did The Gold Coast rename itself in 1957?
  30. Mendoza is a city noted for its wine production in which country?
  31. What name is given to a shop selling cooked meats, cheeses, and unusual or foreign prepared foods?
  32. Star Trek's Dr. Leonard H. McCoy was better known by what nickname?
  33. Which accomplished jazz trumpet player became best known as the long-running presenter of Record Breakers?
  34. What term was first coined by Manchester Evening News journalist Tom Jackson in 1951 for the young group of footballers at Manchester United?
  35. Which British singer married Frenchman Claude Wolff in 1961 and became one of France's top female singers?


  1. The Lone Ranger
  2. The Great Train Robbery
  3. Pews
  4. Roger Bannister
  5. Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament
  6. 1950s (1955)
  7. Mary Quant
  8. Sputnik
  9. Ed Sullivan
  10. Lucille Ball
  11. Gainsborough
  12. Seventy-Six Trombones
  13. Z-Cars
  14. Billy the Kid
  15. Donovan
  16. Grimsby
  17. Roddy McDowall
  18. Parker Brothers
  19. 1962
  20. Harold Wilson
  21. Lasso
  22. Ship's Compass
  23. January (25 January)
  24. John Lennon
  25. Comet
  26. Anthony Eden
  27. Caernarfon
  28. The Clangers
  29. Ghana
  30. Argentina
  31. Delicatessen
  32. Bones
  33. Roy Castle
  34. Busby Babes
  35. Petula Clark