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Shocking TV Moments

British TV Shockers

  1. Who on This Morning in 2013 stated that she wouldn’t let her children play with kids whose names she doesn’t like and a name is a shortcut of finding out what class that child comes from?
  2. Which group's entry at the Eurovision Song Contest 2003 was the first ever English-language song to receive no points?
  3. Which British BBC drama in 1984 about people fighting for survival after a nuclear bomb hitting Sheffield, scared the life out of people?
  4. Who in 1994 called Prince Charles a "little grovelling bastard" on live TV?

  5. Good Morning Britain host Piers Morgan walked-out after a heated exchange with which TV weatherman?
  6. In 1995 which Panorama reporter shocked the world with his Princess Diana interview?
  7. One of the most complained about of all TV moments in history happened when which TV series was turned into a musical on BBC Two?
  8. The Apprentice viewers were stunned when candidates spelt which geographical region wrong during a video game task in 2022?
  9. Who slapped Russell Harty on live television?
  10. Who died in April 1984, after suffering a heart attack on live television?
  11. Julian Clary's infamous joke at the 1993 British Comedy Awards was about Hampstead Heath and which politician?
  12. In 2018, who walked out of her interview on Loose Women after being invited on to patch things up with Coleen Nolan?
  13. Which song did Susan Boyle sing on her first audition?
  14. A race row between Jade Goody and which actress received 44,500 Ofcom complaints in 2007?


  1. Katie Hopkins
  2. Jemini
  3. Threads
  4. Spike Milligan
  5. Alex Beresford
  6. Martin Bashir
  7. Jerry Springer
  8. Arctic (the spelled it as 'Artic')
  9. Grace Jones
  10. Tommy Cooper
  11. Norman Lamont
  12. Kim Woodburn
  13. I Dreamed A Dream
  14. Shilpa Shetty