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Size of Wales

The size of Wales is regularly used as a unit of geographical scale. It's the UK's greatest unit of measurement and the comparison crops up regularly in the media. By the way, Wales has an area of 20,779 square kilometres, that's 8,023 square miles, or 8.04 times bigger than Luxembourg. Have fun...

Fun Quiz

  1. Which country located in Asia is almost the same size as Wales?
  2. The most densely populated American state is also the closest state in size to Wales. Can you name it?
  3. How many times bigger than Wales in the Netherlands?
  4. How many times bigger than Wales is New South Wales: (a) 9 times, (b) 19 times, or (c) 39 times?

  5. Which island, the second-largest in the Mediterranean Sea, is slightly larger than Wales?
  6. Wales is slightly bigger than which European country, whose capital is Ljubljana?
  7. How much bigger than Wales is England: (a) 6 times, (b) 12 times, or (c) 18 times?
  8. Which country is bigger, Wales or Northern Ireland?
  9. Wales is slightly larger than the smallest Great Lake. Can you name this lake?
  10. In the news in 2017, 'A-68' was reported to be over a quarter the size of Wales. What was it?


  1. Israel (8,020 sq mi)
  2. New Jersey
  3. Netherlands is almost exactly two times bigger (16,040 sq mi)
  4. (c) 39 times
  5. Sardinia
  6. Slovenia
  7. (a) 6 times
  8. Wales (is 1.5 times bigger than Northern Ireland)
  9. Lake Ontario
  10. An iceberg (adrift in the South Atlantic)