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Welcome to our Quiz About Snacks


  1. Launched in 1968 what were described as "curly potato puffs"?
  2. Which snack food had an advertising campaign showing it being mined in Wales and was also called "the slag of all snacks"?
  3. Skips were first launched in 1974 in which flavour?
  4. Launched in 1962, what flavour was Golden Wonder's first ever flavoured crisp?
  5. Which brand of chocolate bar is said to be deep fried in chip shops in Scotland as a novelty item?
  6. What, according to the front of the pack, are really cheesy?

  7. In January 2002, President Bush briefly lost consciousness after he choked on what snack food while watching a football game on television?
  8. The chocolate-covered wafer bar Kit Kat is produced globally by which company?
  9. Which brand of UK crinkle-cut crisps were first produced in 1985 and have been marketed as "Man Crisps"?
  10. Introduced in 1967, Big D is a British brand of what type of snack food?
  11. What were "re-launched" in 2002 and have the slogan "You've got to grin to get it in"?
  12. What was the original flavour of Monster Munch when it was launched in 1978?
  13. The London department store Fortnum & Mason claims to have invented which cold item in 1738 as a traveller's snack?
  14. In 1966 what was the first tortilla chip to be launched nationally in the United States?
  15. What snack food consisting of a variety of mixed spicy dried ingredients are known as as chevda in India and chanachur in Bangladesh?
  16. Salt 'n' Shake originally manufactured by The Smith's Snackfood Company are notable for containing a sachet of salt; what colour were these sachets?
  17. What flavour Walker's crisps comes in a purple pack?
  18. Tim Tams produced by Arnott's in Australia are based on which British biscuit?
  19. Which wheat-based snack coated in yeast extract is the favourite snack of footballer Ian Wright, chef Nigella Lawson, and former Prime Minister David Cameron?
  20. Which alien shaped snacks first introduced in 1987 are a British brand of corn and wheat snacks made by KP Snacks
  21. As of 2019, what was available in 8 flavours which were Cheddar, Smoked Cheddar, BBQ, Red Leicester, Blue Stilton, Monterey Jack, Pepper Jack and Branston Pickle?
  22. Which potato crisps manufacturer with a "quintessentially English" identity was founded in Leominster, Herefordshire, in 2002 by farmer William Chase?


  1. Quavers
  2. Pot Noodles
  3. Prawn cocktail flavour
  4. Cheese & Onion
  5. Deep-fried Mars bar
  6. Wotsits
  7. Pretzels
  8. Nestle
  9. McCoy's
  10. Peanuts
  11. Wagon Wheels
  12. Roast Beef
  13. Scotch eggs
  14. Doritos
  15. Bombay mix
  16. Blue sachets
  17. Worcester sauce

  18. Penguins
  19. Twiglets
  20. Space Raiders
  21. Mini Cheddars (Jacob's Mini Cheddars)
  22. Tyrrells