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Snooker Quiz I

  1. In which country was the snooker created?
  2. How many times did Steve Davis win the world title?
  3. Which player's nickname is "The Jester from Leicester"?
  4. Who won the 2005 World Championship at the age of 22 and as a 150-1 qualifier?

  5. Can you name the first player to make a maximum 147 at the World Snooker Championships? And what was this player's most popular nickname?
  6. Which player has the nickname "The Wizard of Wishaw"?
  7. Which player who won the World Professional title at his first attempt, was the first winner at the Crucible Theatre, and the first player to make a 147 break in competition?
  8. In 1984 he achieved a maximum 147 break and often appeared at major tournaments wearing an all-white suit, who is he?
  9. How many World Championship finals did Jimmy White reach without ever winning the event?
  10. How old was Stephen Hendry when he became the youngest World Professional Champion in 1990?
  11. As of 2019, can you name the only woman ever to have refereed a World Snooker Championship final?
  12. Who reached the 1978 World Championship semi-finals at the age of 64?


  1. India (Note: Billiards was popular among the British Armed Forces stationed in India.)
  2. 6 times
  3. Mark Selby
  4. Shaun Murphy
  5. Cliff Thorburn. The Grinder.
  6. John Higgins
  7. John Spencer
  8. Kirk Stevens
  9. Six
  10. 21
  11. Michaela Tabb (2009 and 2012)
  12. Fred Davis

Snooker Quiz II

  1. John Parrott won it in 1992 by beating John Keers, Ronnie O'Sullivan won it 1991 by beating Declan Murphy - name the tournament? (We need the exact name!)
  2. Which player has made the most official competitive maximum breaks?
  3. Former professional snooker and pool player Tony Drago is from which country?
  4. Who won the first 15 World Championships from 1927 to 1946?
  5. What is Ronnie O'Sullivan middle name?
  6. Which player was ranked number one in the world from May 1975 to April 1981?
  7. Which Scottish player won the World Championship title in 2006?
  8. Who refereed four World Snooker Championship finals between 1983 and 1993, including 1990 when Stephen Hendry became the youngest World Champion, and appeared in a Carling Black Label beer advert on TV?
  9. From 1975 to 1999, five player became ranked number one in the world, Hendry, Reardon and Davis were three, can you name the other two?
  10. Which two players have played in the World Championship at the Crucible Theatre on eight occasions, but never progressed beyond the first round?
  11. Name the massive underdog that defeated Steve Davis 18–12 to win the 1986 World Snooker Championship?
  12. At which venue did Alex Higgins win the 1972 World Championship: (a) a Birmingham British Legion club, (b) Blackpool Tower, or (c) Thurston's Hall, Leicester Square, London?


  1. Junior Pot Black
  2. Ronnie O'Sullivan
  3. Malta
  4. Joe Davis
  5. Antonio
  6. Ray Reardon
  7. Graeme Dott
  8. Len Ganley
  9. Cliff Thorburn and John Higgins
  10. Rex Williams and Cliff Wilson
  11. Joe Johnson (the following year, he reached the final again, losing 14–18 to Davis)
  12. (a) A British Legion club - the British Legion Club in Selly Park, Birmingham.

Snooker Quiz III

  1. In the 1983 UK Championship, who staged a dramatic comeback, recovering from 0–7 down to beat Steve Davis 16–15 in the final?
  2. A television audience of 18.5 million watched which two players decide the World Championship on the final black? And who was the referee for that game?
  3. The first ranking event of the 2019/2020 snooker season was held in which European capital city? (Hint: this city is home to 632,000 inhabitants, which is a third of the country's population.)
  4. In the 2010 World Championship who became the fourth non-British winner of the title after Horace Lindrum, Cliff Thorburn and Ken Doherty?
  5. Which snooker player compiled the first televised maximum break in a professional competition? And which automobile manufacturer sponsored the event?
  6. Who was once successfully claiming the cost of 6 pints of lager before every match as a tax deductible expense?
  7. What is the highest possible break in snooker?
  8. Who won his fourth world title in 2011, beating Judd Trump 18–15 in the final?
  9. Which player was ranked number one in the world from February 2015 to March 2019?
  10. The 2018 world champion turned up to the winner’s press conference wearing what?
  11. Which player came to be known as the "People's Champion" because of his popularity?
  12. Four players have won consecutive world titles at the Crucible - can you name them?
  13. What name do you associate with the invitational professional non-ranking snooker tournament running from 1974 until 2000 in Prestatyn, Wales?
  14. Name the humorous song performed by Chas & Dave that was released as a single in May 1986?
  15. The "Black and White Rag" - what is its snooker related claim to fame?


  1. Alex Higgins
  2. Dennis Taylor beat Steve Davis (1985). John Williams was the referee.
  3. Riga (in Latvia)
  4. Neil Robertson
  5. Steve Davis. Lada sponsored the event (and it was called The Lada Classic).
  6. Bill Werbeniuk
  7. 155 (the term "maximum break" refers to the break of 147, but it's not the highest possible one if a player gets a free ball)
  8. John Higgins
  9. Mark Selby
  10. A towel (Mark Williams made a promise that if he won the competition he would do the press conference in the nude - he was advised to wear a towel!)
  11. Alex Higgins
  12. Steve Davis (1983–1984 and 1987–1989), Stephen Hendry (1992–1996), Ronnie O'Sullivan (2012–2013), and Mark Selby (2016–2017)
  13. Pontins (it was called The Pontins Professional)
  14. Snooker Loopy
  15. The music to the long-running BBC2 television snooker tournament, Pot Black